The Brides of Dracula suck the life out of Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April special edition!

I love the 1992 Dracula adaptation with Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman. While watching the film in a Carson City theater auditorium last year (Fathom Events hosted a set of 30th anniversary showings back in October), I was struck by the idea of doing a pinup shoot featuring the count’s three hot vampire brides. Fast-forward to the end of April, and my dream was not only reality, it’s on the cover of Retro Lovely‘s “Halloween in April” special edition, Volume 1!

Brides of Dracula Retro Lovely Halloween in April Cover
Brides of Dracula on Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April Cover.

My friends Miss Melody Noir and Lena Von Noir kindly agreed to be my sister brides for the shoot, and Marilee Caruso – my favorite photographer! – signed on to do makeup, hair, and (of course) take the pictures.

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Things fell into place fairly easily. Lena already had a cool gold Medusa ensemble that perfectly captured the brides’ ancient look (she made a fabulous snake crown that looked GREAT in the photos), Melody found a hot Grecian costume that worked perfectly, and I bought a chiton-style gown and a beautiful cable tie crown from a couple of well-regarded Etsy sellers. I used a mix of jewelry I’d found on Etsy; earrings from the people who made my crown, a necklace set using a new choker and a vintage 1970s Etruscan-style chain drop necklace (purchased for my Bond Girl shoot). I added some gold lace-up sandals from Shein and my Kaos custom vampire fangs, and felt good to go.

Marilee worked hard on all of our hair, and also did makeup for Melody and me. It was a long day for her, but she did an amazing job. I’m thrilled with the results and so happy that my friends generously agreed to work with me on this special project. They made it beautiful!

Brides of Dracula inn Retro Lovely's Halloween in April special edition
Brides of Dracula in Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April, Vol. 1.

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