Early 1960s pinup inspired by the golden age of Playboy in Retro Lovely #211

Everything happens at once, it seems! Back in September, Marilee Caruso and I shot a set of images inspired by the October, 1962 cover of Playboy magazine. Today, they became a six-page pinup spread in Retro Lovely Issue #211!

Our version of the October 1962 Playboy cover
Our version of the October, 1962 Playboy cover.
October, 1962 Playboy Cover, featuring that month's centerfold, Laura Young
October, 1962 Playboy cover, featuring that month’s centerfold (aka “playmate”), Laura Young.

Marilee did the fabulous early 1960s makeup and hair (and lent me those awesome vintage earrings!), and I supplied my own clothes and vintage copy of the magazine. The playmate necklace (crystal pave bunny head) is a cheapie I got years ago on Ebay, the velvet dress is the olive green velvet Starlet Wiggle from the Vixen line by Micheline Pitt, and the shoes are my old reliable Christian Louboutin Piou-Piou patent stiletto pumps.

Catherine Morland posing with the magazine that inspired the shoot
Catherine Morland posing with the magazine that inspired the shoot. That centerfold is apparently VERY spicy.
I love the simple set Marilee created for the shoot
I love the simple set Marilee created for the shoot. It mimics the original while also adding texture.

As always, you can get the issue straight from Magcloud (when you order a hard copy you get a digital copy for free, immediately). For all of my recent pinup publications, see my Linktree.

More photos from the shoot after the jump!

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Pinup Vampire: On the cover of October’s Bombshell magazine

The fun pinup vampire shoot I did back in May with Marilee Caruso is finally published! The shots are in (and on a cover for) this month’s Bombshell pinup magazine.

BOMBSHELL Oct 2022 - Catherine Morland Cover
BOMBSHELL Oct 2022 – Catherine Morland Cover

I was basically channeling one of my old Vampire: the Masquerade LARP characters, a dancer from Clan Toreador whom I named Lily after Lily Bart in Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth. Marilee did some very romantic Rachael-from-Blade-Runner-ish hair and makeup, and I wore one of my “Elisabeth” dressing gowns from Catherine D’Lish, a black lace bodysuit from Torrid, garter belt and stockings by What Katie Did, and a pair of signed Manolo Blahnik Campari pumps I got third-hand for like $35. Oh, and the fangs are one of two great custom pairs I got from Kaos Kustom Fangs.

Catherine Morland, pinup vampire!
Catherine Morland, pinup vampire!
Catherine Morland, pinup vampire!
Catherine Morland, pinup vampire!

As always, you can buy this faaaabulous Catherine Morland cover issue direct from Magcloud (price includes a free .pdf copy of the issue, available immediately after you pay!). You can also use my handy Linktree to find this or any of my other recent pinup issues. My Linktree can also direct you to an order page for Marilee’s great 2023 pinup calendar (a shot from this vampire set is the February image!).

More pictures after the jump…

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A Christmas Music Box 2020…Christmas music in playlist form on Youtube, for your holiday frolics!

My big Christmas tree

Jason consolidated our famous “A Christmas Music Box” holiday collection into a Youtube playlist! Go check it out, and enjoy the season!

This is Haunted Halloween Part 4

Happy Halloween from me and Jason! The fourth installment in our Halloween playlist series is available! Use it for your Halloween party soundtrack! Listen for fun! Do all the good things!

For our previous collections: https://www.strangegirl.com/2011/10/01/audio-collections-this-is-haunted-halloween-is-back-with-more/

A Christmas Music Box on YouTube!

A Christmas Music Box "cover" art
A Christmas Music Box “cover” art.

Merry Christmas, all! Those of you who have enjoyed our “A Christmas Music Box” collection will be happy to know that three volumes’ worth of our monster Christmas playlist is available on YouTube. It’s not the full collection, but it’s what Jason could get up and running in time for the holidays.

2019 Update: Youtube is screwing with our videos, so if they get throttled, here’s a playlist with much of the content.

It’s presented in three parts. To listen to all three parts in order, use this “A Christmas Music Box” playlist.

Each individual part is embedded below, followed by a tracklisting for each…

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BLACK FRIDAY IS NIGH!!! Save at Heart of Haute…

So Black Friday is almost upon us! Heart of Haute is having a 20% off Black Friday sale – which goes live Thanksgiving Day (tomorrow) at noon PST and ends Black Friday night (11:59pm PST) – and a Cyber Monday sale.

The Black Friday code is, unsurprisingly, “BLACKFRIDAY” – quotation marks are mine. The images are links, so just click on through once the sale is live…


The Cyber Monday sale will be live on November 26. It’s a “buy any one item and get the second item for equal or lesser value for 50% off” sale. Use code “CYBER” – quotation marks mine.

Heart of Haute Beverly dress in Sage Pincones
Heart of Haute Beverly dress in Sage Pinecones print.

These are affiliate links, BTW, but I wouldn’t recommend you shop anywhere that I don’t shop. Have FUN shopping all the sales this weekend and let me know what you picked up. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

I haven’t been as bloggy as I would have liked this year. Part of that is due to the fact that I just haven’t been feeling well. I’ve been dealing with chronic eustachian tube dysfunction since December of 2015 (it’s supposed to get better, and it has, but I’m not yet back to right). That means it’s been uncomfortable to exercise, which – coupled with the general anxiety that comes from weird ear sounds and bouts of temporary hearing loss (every time I get sick) – means I’ve also gained weight. So, you can see why I haven’t really been motivated to blog a lot of outfits lately.

All that said, I haven’t been completely out of it. I can say that I’ve been using that Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade pot I’d been wanting to try, and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I’ve also been trying some new hair products that I’ll be sharing with you guys in the new year.

I’ll also have some fun tiki-themed pinup photos (by Holly West!) to show you.

So. Even though I may not seem like I’m here, I am and I’d love to chat on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Those links are in the navbar to the left! Stop by and say hi, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s hoping 2017 is better for all of us, in every way!

~ Kali 🙂


Disney Bound? NerdBound!

I don’t consider myself much of a “Disney bounder,” but I do love me some Disney theme park and I especially love 1. the Haunted Mansion attraction at both American Disney resorts and 2. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I plan to attend my second “MNSSHP” this coming September, and will be wearing NerdBound’s Haunted Mansion Ghost-ess skirt when I go!

Haunted Mansion skirt
Haunted Mansion skirt

NerdBound is a unique Etsy shop run by my friend Gretchen Burneko, offering “bounding” basics for any fandom in virtually all sizes. While Disney-inspired gathered skirts are Gretchen’s bread-and-butter, she can custom make just about anything in any size. Her prices are more than reasonable and her pieces are well-made, comfortable, and look great! My favorite piece is this Ghost-ess skirt, inspired by the dark green costumes worn by female Haunted Mansion cast member, but I own and love her Tarzan’s Jane Porter-inspired skirt, as well. Continue reading “Disney Bound? NerdBound!”

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