Vote for Kali/Catherine Morland in the “Face of Horror” contest for Rue Morgue Mag…

I entered the “Face of Horror” photo contest on a whim. It’s a partial charity fundraiser with the prize being a horror-themed photoshoot with Kane “Jason” Hodder, to be published in Rue Morgue magazine.

You can vote for me one a day for free. Will you help me by doing that and spreading the word? It’s unlikely I’ll win but I like the idea. Voting starts at 10am PDT today, 9/5/2023 and continues for ten days (first round). If I advance, there will be more (ETA: I made top six in my group of over 100 entrants over several rounds, but did not advance to top five. Thanks to all who supported me!). All you need is a Facebook account; you do NOT need to pay to vote.

Vote for me as the "Face of Horror"
Vote for me as the “Face of Horror.”

Thank you. <3

Voting link here (once free daily):

The Brides of Dracula suck the life out of Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April special edition!

I love the 1992 Dracula adaptation with Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman. While watching the film in a Carson City theater auditorium last year (Fathom Events hosted a set of 30th anniversary showings back in October), I was struck by the idea of doing a pinup shoot featuring the count’s three hot vampire brides. Fast-forward to the end of April, and my dream was not only reality, it’s on the cover of Retro Lovely‘s “Halloween in April” special edition, Volume 1!

Brides of Dracula Retro Lovely Halloween in April Cover
Brides of Dracula on Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April Cover.

My friends Miss Melody Noir and Lena Von Noir kindly agreed to be my sister brides for the shoot, and Marilee Caruso – my favorite photographer! – signed on to do makeup, hair, and (of course) take the pictures.

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Happy Halloween: A Northanger Abbey/Haunted Mansion Fanfic

For Halloween, I give you a Disney Haunted Mansion-dusted Jane Austen Northanger Abbey fanfic. Maybe it’s crackfic, I don’t know.

Either way, it’s called The Terrors of Expectation and it deals with some of Catherine Morland Tilney’s favorite gothic fiction tropes, nightmares, and some other more mundane family stuff, too.

Leave me feedback and kudos and I’ll love you forever…

I have other fics, too, including an ongoing series based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, more Northanger Abbey, and my Emma allusion from way back.