New pinup with Bombshell PinUp Photography!

I have two new pinup publications with some great new collaborators: Liz of Bombshell Pinup Photography and Sam of Beauty by Samantha White! Our images are featured in six-page spreads in both Retro Lovely No. 237 and Bombshell‘s February Valentine’s issue! And, we got a cover!

The first set was a lovely Gil Elvgren-inspired Valentine’s Day collection of images featuring a beautiful vintage satin comforter set acquired by Liz. I brought some cool fake roses, my vintage See’s Candy Valentine heart boxes, and a goodly chunk of my lingerie wardrobe, and here’s the result:

Catherine Morland by Bombshell PinUp Photography
Catherine Morland on the cover of Bombshell Magazine, photographed by Bombshell PinUp Photography.

Sam’s makeup was amazing, Liz’s hairstyling was sublime, and my Bettie Page lingerie, What Katie Did Demi corset, vintage jewelry, trusty dusty Manolo Blahnik Sedarabys, and Catherine D’Lish lilac Cassandra robe did their jobs!

The second look was very bondage-y, inspired by our Pinup Queen, Bettie Mae Page. I brought my hand-tooled leather collar and black lingerie, and borrowed Liz’s PVC corset, shoes, and props. Sam gave me a bold red lip and Liz gave me Bettie waves. And we were off! 

More pics from our two-look shoot after the jump…

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I’m Miss December in Bombshell Magazine’s 2024 pinup calendar!

It’s holiday pinup time! One of my 2022 Christmas-themed images by Marilee Caruso was selected as the December image for Bombshell Magazine’s 2024 pinup calendar!

Marilee captured my love of Christmas lights...
Marilee captured my love of Christmas lights. Makeup and Hair by Rockwell De’Vil.
Bombshell 2024 Calendar
Bombshell 2024 Calendar.

You can find the links to buy this calendar, my 2024 Retro Lovely calendar, and Marilee’s 2024 calendar via my Linktree.

It’s a Retro Lovely Halloween (pin up galore)!

I’m a Halloween girl going way back, so it’s no shocker that I enjoy spooky pinup. This year, in addition to the “Halloween in April” cover my friends and I earned six months ago, I’m published in two volumes of Retro Lovely’s Halloween special edition!

Retro Lovely Halloween 2023 cover - witchy pinup!
Witchy pinup in Retro Lovely Halloween 2023 cover.

Marilee Caruso took the photos and did the glam for both sets.

Retro Lovely Halloween 2023 - Dracula's bride
Retro Lovely Halloween 2023: Dracula’s vampire bride.

The first feature (my singles from our “Brides of Dracula” vampire shoot) got six pages in volume 8, and the second (lingerie witch) received six pages and a cover for volume 9.

You can order copies of these issues, a Halloween Vol. 9 cover poster, a copy of my 2024 Retro Lovely Calendar, and all my issues for the past two years via my Linktree.

I’m Miss April in Marilee Caruso Photography’s 2024 Pinup Calendar

You’re already aware of my Retro Lovely x Catherine Morland pinup calendar (available now!), but I’d also like you to consider purchasing my friend Marilee Caruso’s annual 2024 pinup calendar, featuring 12 different models in a dozen of Marilee’s favorite images from the past year.

Marilee Caruso 2024 Pinup Calendar
Marilee Caruso 2024 Pinup Calendar: I’m Miss April!

One of my Tower Theatre pics is the “Miss April” image, with great models like cover girl Cherry D’Lish, Rockwell De’Vil, Miss Melody Noir, Missy Maybe, and many others featured.

April calendar image
My April calendar image.

Marilee – who did all the photography for my own calendar – is truly the best in the business. If you like pinup or are a fan of great photography, you need both of these calendars! ๐Ÿ˜€

To order…

A 2024 Retro Lovely Pinup Calendar for Catherine Morland! Order now!

IT’S CALENDAR TIME! Thanks to Retro Lovely Magazine you can now order your very own Catherine Morland pinup calendar featuring the brilliant photography of Marilee Caruso!
It’s $25 shipped and signed (Iโ€™ll personalize it if you wish – just let me know the name you want me to use!). Includes a sticker featuring my likeness by Marianne Von Crow.
2024 Catherine Morland Pinup Calendar by Retro Lovely
2024 Catherine Morland Pinup Calendar by Retro Lovely.
2024 Catherine Morland Pinup Calendar by Retro Lovely
2024 Catherine Morland Pinup Calendar by Retro Lovely.
First batch of orders will ship by the end of the month! Thanks so much for your support!

The Brides of Dracula suck the life out of Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April special edition!

I love the 1992 Dracula adaptation with Winona Ryder and Gary Oldman. While watching the film in a Carson City theater auditorium last year (Fathom Events hosted a set of 30th anniversary showings back in October), I was struck by the idea of doing a pinup shoot featuring the count’s three hot vampire brides. Fast-forward to the end of April, and my dream was not only reality, it’s on the cover of Retro Lovely‘s “Halloween in April” special edition, Volume 1!

Brides of Dracula Retro Lovely Halloween in April Cover
Brides of Dracula on Retro Lovely’s Halloween in April Cover.

My friends Miss Melody Noir and Lena Von Noir kindly agreed to be my sister brides for the shoot, and Marilee Caruso – my favorite photographer! – signed on to do makeup, hair, and (of course) take the pictures.

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Strawberry dress and red Easter eggs in Retro Lovely Spring special edition

I’m happy to say that my “Easter pin-up” shots by Marilee Caruso made six pages in Retro Lovely‘s Spring special edition, Volume 1. Marilee also did the beautiful Springtime makeup and 1940s hair!

Easter pin up
Easter eggs and strawberries!

I’d been wanting an excuse to shoot some photos in my pink Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Dress, so the Spring edition seemed like a perfect opportunity. As I’m Greek Orthodox (hey, it’s almost Easter as I type this! Christos Anesti!  ), of course it made sense to pose with a basket of red Easter eggs; these were Ukrainian-style hand-painted eggs (artificial, of course), because I love Ukrainian Easter egg designs (even made some of my own millions of years ago using layers of wax and dye) and support Ukrainian sovereignty.

Marilee has some great dusty pink velvet drapes and a lovely sakura tree, which really made the red eggs – and the bright, sparkly strawberries on my dress – pop!

Easter pin up
Easter eggs and strawberries!

To get this, or any, of my published pinup, please check out my Linktree.

Valentine pinup in Retro Lovely Magazine…and not a heart in sight!

Valentine image of Catherine Morland by Marilee Caruso

Marilee Caruso shot a beautiful Valentine’s Day-themed pinup set for me last month, and you can see the result in Retro Lovely’s Valentine’s Day special edition #4!

Valentine image of Catherine Morland by Marilee Caruso
Catherine Morland photographed by Marilee Caruso.

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