Spooky audio, video, and reads for your All Hallows’ Eve!

This is Haunted Halloween Collection CD art...
This is Haunted Halloween Collection CD art…

I know it’s still early September, but Halloween’s definitely already in the air. For those of you itching to get into the holiday spirit, here is a curated collection of audio (mostly music, with some sound effects) and video to enjoy while you stay home to serve the trick-or-treaters!

“This is Haunted Halloween” is a very special collection of Halloween party music and spooky sound effects. My pal Jason and put this together a few years back with the intention of creating a near-definitive selection of tracks for dance and spooky ambience. Some tracks, including our newest  Part Three “Skerrymix,” are unique mixes engineered by Jason. Perfect for your Halloween night haunt or relaxation at home in the dark, This is Haunted Halloween delivers your favorite spooky aural memories!

Disc One is packed with a selection of macabre party hits, from a new extended mix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to Sheb Wooley’s campy “The Purple People Eater.” Disc Two follows with pieces reflecting the darker side of Halloween. Here, spooky film themes, ghoulish classical favorites, and other grisly tunes mix it up with creepy sound effects perfect for a stormy night.


Produced by Jason Pittman and Kali Pappas, this collection offers new presentations of old classics alongside several fun surprises. But beware – this is not your average Halloween mix tape. Listen and share!

Find more information and download links HERE!

The Great Pumpkin
The Great Pumpkin!

If you’re looking for some fun things to watch, here’s a collection of noncontroversial Halloween favorites. The title link will take you to the film’s product listing at our Amazon storefront. Subsequent links will take you to an online version of the source literature and/or a purchase link for the source literature at our Amazon store.

Those who like an old-fashioned gothic novel or otherwise spooky story should check out these old favorites, some of which are listed above with their film adaptations. The title link will take you to an internet edition of the story, and the “buy the book” link will take you to a copy of the book at our Amazon store.

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