Fun Halloween fashions…and other sweet pinup nightmares

Planet Pinup spider bow with interchangeable charms
Planet Pinup spider bow with interchangeable charms.

While gothabilly aesthetics have been strongly represented in the realms of retro and pinup fashion for some time, it takes something truly special to represent the rarified holiday quality of Halloween for this recovering goth girl. Halloween requires something more than black, or bats, or zombies, or skeletons. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes something Halloween as opposed to garden variety macabre, and indeed, there is no special formula. For me, it’s a know-it-when-I-see-it kind of thing.

Here are some new, pinup-friendly Halloween-themed pieces that scream Halloween to me…

Accessories are everything when it comes to the Spooky Season, something Jean at Planet Pinup understands very well. A well-placed bat, skull, or spider can make a mere outfit into a costume. I purchased the cutest veiled spider fascinator from her over the summer, and she sent along a great spider hairbow with interchangeable charms!

Planet Pinup spider fascinator
Planet Pinup spider fascinator.

The Lucy Fur dress from Sourpuss Clothing has it all: vintage Halloween black cats, full moons, bats, a fabric background the ink-black of night, and orange accents all over the place. A cute sweetheart strapless neckline, flared skirt, and a precious ruffled hem all add to the adorability of this dress. Best of all? Sourpuss is giving this dress away. You can enter to win it at the Sourpuss Clothing Blog before October 11!  But don’t enter too often, because I want to win!

Sourpuss Lucy Fur Dress
Sourpuss Lucy Fur Dress.

Pinup Girl Clothing is rolling out its own Halloween-themed collection, featuring a great white-on-black spiderweb print. While there are a number of items available featuring the print, my favorite is the Pinup Couture Heidi, a dress I own in several colorways and love for its fit.

Spiderweb Heidi Dress by Pinup Couture
Spiderweb Heidi Dress by Pinup Couture.

If you’re on the smaller side, you might do well with this Sweet ‘n’ Scary Cupcake dress by Folter, available at Cats Like Us. After all, what’s Halloween without colorfully spooky treats? Its orange, black, and purple color scheme represents my ideal Halloween color palette and has looked amazing on my friends who’ve purchased this dress.

Folter Sweet 'n' Scary Dress
Folter Sweet ‘n’ Scary Dress.

What outfits scream Halloween to you?

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