Falling for Vertigo: 1950s Fashion and Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco

Falling for Vertigo

Kim Novak as "Madeleine"
Kim Novak as "Madeleine" views the fictional "portrait of Carlotta" at the Legion of Honor's Gallery 6.

Yesterday was our Greater Bay Area Costumers’ Guild Falling for Vertigo: A Toast to Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco event. We had a wonderful time attending a guided tour of the Georgian portraiture at the Legion of Honor (an iconic Vertigo filming site), a nod to the fictional “portrait of Carlotta” that appeared in the film. Afterwards, we visited historic Fort Point, the location where “Madeleine” throws herself into San Francisco Bay, to explore the Civil War-era fort and behold the spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. Our day ended with drinks and dinner at the Presidio Social Club (and for some of us, the Top of the Mark).

Thank you to everyone who supported the event! Everyone was impeccably dressed in their 1950s and 1960s day wear! Vertigo costumer Edith Head would’ve been proud:

Vertigo Group
A portion of our group at the Legion of Honor. Everyone wore greens and blues, it seemed - how very Judy of us!
Kali at Fort Point
Kali at Fort Point.

I wore my teal Bettie Page Clothing Rita dress with a vintage fur hat and cashmere/fur coat from the early 1960s. Oh, and a vintage faux-patent leather purse!

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  1. Everybody looks so great! Makes me want to go back to SF!!! I just wish i could join such an event. Audrey from France.

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