Hell Bunny Halter Dresses = Springtime YAY!

Hell Bunny Olive Dress
Hell Bunny Olive Dress in vibrant mint green.

I was impressed by the adorable Hell Bunny brand sundresses some of my friends were sharing on Facebook, so I decided to buy one three of my own!

Since a wide selection of Hell Bunny clothing isn’t readily available in my neck of the woods (California), I purchased my dresses from Sirens & Starlets, a UK Ebay Store that came recommended by a fellow pin-up style fan in New Zealand. Even from far across the pond, S&S delivered promptly (within ten days) and with excellent service.

Best of all, the dresses fit perfectly and look amazingly cute! I purchased the Olive (mint green), Vanity (black, white, and red), and Motley (black and white) in UK 18/2x, as that is what seemed to best suit my 44-33.5-49″ measurements. Since these styles all feature an elasticized back, there was some concern that they might be too big in the bust.

Hell Bunny Vanity Dress
Hell Bunny Vanity Dress.

While I could probably size down without trouble (my waist measurement matches the xl size according to the fitting charts), it wasn’t necessary. For the Hell Bunny dresses that don’t come in plus sizes (I’m looking at you, Kiki dress!), it’s comforting to know that the XL size is there for me to try.

My next Hell Bunny purchases will be the Kiki dress – a black tropical-print halter – and the turquoise May Day dress.

The cotton fabric is light and crisp, perfect for warm springs and hot summers. I’m planning on wearing these three in Las Vegas come April, which should be pretty warm! Even though it’s still February, north-central California’s weather has been mild enough for me to wear two of my new dresses with cardigans!

Hell Bunny Motley Dress
Hell Bunny Motley Dress in black.

6 Replies to “Hell Bunny Halter Dresses = Springtime YAY!”

  1. Hi! Loving the Hell Bunny spring collection too! The Motley looks great on you, love it in black, have seen it in blue and red too which are also pretty cool. πŸ™‚

  2. WONDERFUL BLOG! Hell Bunny May Day dress in Turquoise is fabulous. I bought mine at Fairy Gothmother in Spitalfields and paid about 10quid more than retail but for the experience of being at FGM I was fine with it! The Black version is just as wonderful. Highest quality of all their already top knotch dresses. Hoping they move some of their production back to the UK or this will be my farewell summer for Hell Bunny as I’m growing weary of made in China.

    1. Thanks! And I agree – I prioritize items made in the US, Canada, and Europe. This is why the Pinup Girl Clothing house brands get the majority of my business. πŸ˜€

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