Summer Preview: Red Poppies from Bettie Page Clothing

Bettie Page Clothing Poppy Seed Red Circle Dress
Bettie Page Clothing Poppy Seed Red Circle Dress.

Given all the amazing Memorial Day sales online, I had to pick up several things. I wasn’t really planning on purchasing anything but my new red Dita Cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby, but the Poppy Seed Red Circle Dress by Bettie Page Clothing really, well, popped out at me as I browsed the sales!

Bettie Page and Unique Vintage were sold out of my size, so I purchased mine from ever-reliable JBR Clothing in Brea, CA. JBR’s regular price for this dress is $10 less than Bettie Page Clothing’s, plus they offer regular free shipping on this dress! Even though I ordered on the Friday before Memorial Day, JBR shipped the very next day. The dress reached me on Tuesday afternoon, a mere four days (one a Sunday, another a holiday) after I ordered!
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Outfits of the Season: Fancy Fall Fashion

Jade Ava Dress
Ava dress in jade, worn with vintage 1950s paste jewelry and a dopey expression.

With the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself in need of a fancy new frock or two. Yes, I realize that technically, a frock is just a dress that buttons in the back. But let’s suspend that reality for the sake of my prose. Anyway. I have some spiffy suggestions for what to wear for your Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve shindigs, spruced-up goings-out, and maybe even a Thanksgiving dinner or two.

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Pretty outfits, pretty pictures: My Viva Las Vegas photoshoot with Tara O.

Kali by Tara O. Photos
Kali by Tara O. Photos, shot at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Hair and makeup by Rosetta Garcia. Dress by Bettie Page Clothing.

While at Viva Las Vegas last month, I did two great photo shoots. The first was with the lovely and talented Tara O., who was a blast to work with! Tara’s full of energy and ideas, and knows exactly how to direct inexperienced models like me. She’s also great at finding amazing settings and angles that most people would never notice, let alone consider.

Las Vegas is known for its dazzling variety, but the color, texture, and mood diversity reflected in the photo sets surprised me. Someone unfamiliar with the Vegas Strip wouldn’t know that these shots – representing both the tropics and an art deco world reminiscent of Metropolis, among other places were all taken within the same several-hundred-foot radius! Continue reading “Pretty outfits, pretty pictures: My Viva Las Vegas photoshoot with Tara O.”

Falling for Vertigo: 1950s Fashion and Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco

Falling for Vertigo

Kim Novak as "Madeleine"
Kim Novak as "Madeleine" views the fictional "portrait of Carlotta" at the Legion of Honor's Gallery 6.

Yesterday was our Greater Bay Area Costumers’ Guild Falling for Vertigo: A Toast to Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco event. We had a wonderful time attending a guided tour of the Georgian portraiture at the Legion of Honor (an iconic Vertigo filming site), a nod to the fictional “portrait of Carlotta” that appeared in the film. Afterwards, we visited historic Fort Point, the location where “Madeleine” throws herself into San Francisco Bay, to explore the Civil War-era fort and behold the spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands. Our day ended with drinks and dinner at the Presidio Social Club (and for some of us, the Top of the Mark). Continue reading “Falling for Vertigo: 1950s Fashion and Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco”