Happy New Year: Updates and Bloggy-dos and an Outfit of the Week!

So a few months ago I set out a list of blogging goals. Like many ENFP personality types, I tend to be very long on ideas and very short on attention span and time. To make matters worse, this past semester was one of my all-time busiest work periods, a frustrating reality further exacerbated by a bunch of extra life demands (some fun, like period balls, some not-so-fun, like expensive car repairs) that required time and money. My 2012 New Years’ resolution is to spend more time on my websites – particularly this blog, as it is both a way for me to reduce my rambling ideas into tangible goals AND an impetus for following through on those goals so I can share the results with you!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Pinup Couture Evelyn dress in green satin.

I’m still plugging away on my to-do list from this past fall, and  I’m logging my goal progress to keep me honest! But before I bring you in on that, a goodwill gesture to prove that I’m working on it – an Outfit of the Week!

This is my Christmas Eve ensemble: Evelyn dress in green satin with reversible black velvet shrug from Pinup Couture, new Dian Von Furstenburg frames, homemade hairflower, and black suede-and-patent heels from Sofft Shoes.

Seriously, this dress is ace: rich satin sheen and Christmas green color, super-cute ruched bodice with adorable black velvet bow, and tremendous fit. When it comes to the Pinup Girl Clothing house brands, I usually hover around xl-2x; this one’s a 2x. There’s extra room in the waist (My inch measurements are 44-33.5-49), but it’s not baggy or ill-fitting. And the length is perfect for my 5’8″+ frame.

So if you’re plus or curvy or simply looking for a kick-butt, retro-style, made-in-the-USA clothing company, give Pinup Girl Clothing a shot!

Okay, now on to the rest of it. Click the link below to come out on the other side of the jump…

Here are my previous goals, with parenthetical progress reports:

  • Post my seasonal fashion interests/shopping lists (four times a year) – (More like two or three times a year, as fall and winter blend so much here…)
  • Give you at least one outfit-of-the-day per month, if not per week – (Still working on it!)
  • Finish my fashion review of the 2009/2010 BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma– (Eventually!)
  • Complete a picture post featuring my vintage hanky collection, similar to my previous pieces on my beaded purses and antique jewelry– (Still working on it, AND I have more vintage jewelry to blog!)

Annnnd, I have some new fashion projects I want to share here on the blog:

Alright, that’s it for now! Happy New Year and see you here again very soon!

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