Anne Sharp’s presentation copy of Emma resold…

UPDATE: As of November, 2012, the Sharp presentation copy of Austen’s Emma is for sale…again?

The presentation copy of Emma originally gifted to Jane Austen’s good friend Anne Sharp (and likely real-life model for Mrs. Weston)  garnered £325,000 – or $489,747 – in a transaction announced this week (April, 2010).  Christiaan Jonkers of British-based Jonkers Rare Books purchased the copy at auction in 2008 for considerably less (£180,000/$271,294).  For more discussion…

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout Kalikins. It is indeed a handsome fortune to pay for a book. If I had close to half a million dollars just sittin’ around, I would have bought it before that British collector in a flash.

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