Sonam Kapoor’s Ayesha still in post-production

No new news is forthcoming on the “Bollywood” Emma-based film adaptation.  There’s a listing for the film at the IMDB (as “Aisha”), though, noting its “post-production” status.  As I hear more, I’ll post it!

ETA:  Cinthia found this 4/9 India Express interview with director Rajshree Ojha, confirming the film’s post-production status.  In the interview, Ojha explains that her “first director’s cut” of the film is done and that “it lies in the producers’ hands.”

Cinthia comments:

It is surprising to know that the project began in 2004, but she and
the scriptwright could not find a back-up production company because
it had female-centered plot.

At the end of the interview there some interesting details. For example:

“There are places where I’ve curtailed the role of certain characters,
like that of Emma’s friend Harriet Smith, or combined two characters
into one, like the Woodhouse sisters.”

I find it intriguing, what does she mean by ‘curtailed’? Does it mean
that the Harriet character has been completely deleted or her role’s
importance has been diminished? And what about the Woodhouse sisters
being combined in only one character? I hope it is a confusion and she
meant Mrs. Weston and Isabella.

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