Fashion Crap: My Antique Jewelry

I keep promising more “normal” fashion stuff and then never deliver.  This is mainly because I end up posting everything at the Dims fashion board and then promptly forget this blog exists.  So, in an attempt to rectify this continuous, egregious error, I give you…MY REALLY FREAKING OLD JEWELRY COLLECTION.  Okay, so maybe that isn’t “normal,” but at the very least it doesn’t involve me in a corset.  So there.  (Click the jumplink below the pic for the whole article.  )

1924 diamond earrings.
1924 diamond and pearl earrings.

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Straaaange Blog! That’s how my Blog Goes…

This blog is a hodgepodge, so i figure I should adapt it for more gloriously random uses. I think I’ll start posting some of the outfits I slap up on various fashion communities. I will also endeavor to post the interesting media (or not-so-interesting media) that I’m always slapping up on Facebook. And other stuff. I promise.

Mainly thinking out loud.

And now, a silly Depeche Mode video.


Haunted Mansion What?

Kali and friends at the Mansion's 30th anniversary festivities, 1999.
Kali and friends at the Mansion's 30th anniversary festivities, 1999.

So I’ve been woefully out of touch with the Haunted Mansion scene lately, partly because I don’t have time and partly because I’m sick to death of the merch-o-rama effect that surrounds every attraction milestone.  I didn’t attend the 40th anniversary festivities that coincided with the D23 Expo back in September, but I did find this cute interactive Haunted Mansion feature at the Disney site.  It features a version of Rolly Crump’s Corridor of Doors wallpaper (for your desktop – basically a larger version of what I offer at Better Haunts & Graveyards), a video clip on the mansion, a stretching portrait gag, little photo galleries, and more.  Oh, and it also features my Disney alterego,  Marc Davis’ April D., morphing from April to June to September to December.  🙂

Go there…

1972 Emma proposal…

…starring Dorin Godwin and John Carson.


In honor of the 40th anniversary of the NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, I present SPACE!-THEMED FRIVOLITY on a GRAND, SATURN V-SIZED SCALE!

Need a ROCKET EXPERIENCE?  Buzz Aldrin can coach you in much the same way he coached Buzz Lightyear.

Oh, and GReat Images in Nasa has a crudload of really spiffy SPACE! pictures. And many rockets.

Clair de Lune…

This animation sequence was released as  the “Blue Bayou” segment in Walt Disney’s Make Mine Music (1946), one of several Walt Disney “composite” releases of the mid-late 1940s.  Originally, however, it was created to accompany Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune as an additional segment for Fantasia.  Initially, Mr. Disney had intended Fantasia to be a fluid, changing concept, to which new pieces would be added with each re-release. For a number of reasons (the 1941 animators’ strike, WW2,…), that concept didn’t pan out (at least, not until Fantasia 2000…kind of). In 1998, the original version of Clair de Lune was restored and screened at the London Film Festival.