Vintage Home: 1960s shadowboxes, 1950s atomic lamps, and side tables…oh my!


So I’ve been in my house for over a year, and I’m only just now getting to the end of my long list of intended improvements and additions. Most of the work has been in the back yard, but I’ve also collected some home decor items I’ve been craving!

First, my preciouses; new vintage furniture!

My new (old) mirrored shadow box is stamped 4-30-62, a year before builders completed my home! I’ve filled it with my great-aunt Alice’s knickknacks, as she’s the first person I knew who had a mid century shadow box in her home.

1962 shadow box and 1950s lamps
1962 shadow box and 1950s lamps. The Enchanted Tiki Room (Disneyland) painting was a gift from my friend Cindy. The Franciscan Apple set is part of a larger collection that belonged to my great-aunt.
Shadow box
The shadow box!
Shadow box
Shadow box: completed 4-30-62 by the Illnois Moulding Co.

 My beautiful fiberglass-shade lamps came from the Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento, my favorite source for 1940s-1960s furniture and collectibles. The lamps really weren’t for sale, but the owner, Mark, took pity on me. I bought them on layaway, a wonderful service offered by the nice people at Midway.

Night lights!
Night lights!

I’ve also obtained a champagne-finish “modern” side table by Heywood-Wakefield, manufactured 1947-1953…

Heywood Wakefield Side Table
Heywood Wakefield side table.

Next up: taming the wilderness that was my back yard…

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    1. Hey Brenda! No, nothing on this blog is for sale unless specifically stated. I did see one just like this at Midway Antiques Mall in Sacramento, though! It was still there a couple of months ago!

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