Outfits of the Season: Jenny skirts, Jenny dress, and ye olde Vamp tops


Jenny Skirt
Jenny skirt in Harlequin print with Vamp top in mint.

A few months ago a mentioned some of my most-anticipated spring clothing items, among them Pinup Couture’s Jenny circle skirts and dresses.

I’m pleased to report that the Jenny items are vibrantly colored and very full. The cotton sateen fabric is thick enough to stay crisp, yet lightweight enough to help you stay cool in summer heat. The skirts are very nearly a complete circle, and look very authentic over crinolines. They are also tea-length, while the Jenny dress comes up just a bit higher.

The available prints have a genuine retro feel (the Cabana stripe evokes a mid century Old Mexico vibe, for example) and the colors coordinate well with a number of Pinup Girl Clothing’s house brand tops, including the Deadly Dames Vamp and Dixiefried bustier tops. I’m wearing the Vamp top in mint green with both the Harlequin and cool-toned Cabana Stripe print skirts. The Tiffany blue, lavender, and black Vamp tops also match the stripes in the Cabana print!

Jenny Skirt
Jenny skirt in cool-toned Cabana Stripe print and mint Vamp top.

The Jenny dress provides a close fit, which seems to be reflected in the size chart (I found that it runs about an inch smaller than most other Pinup Couture pieces). The bodice is boned and the straps are adjustable, so don’t be afraid to go without a bra (unless you’re very busty).

Jenny Dress
Jenny dress in Harlequin print.

I like these pieces very much, but I do have a small nit with the print matching on the Harlequin Jenny dress. Fabric prints with rigid-line repeats are notoriously hard to match perfectly along seams, but the failure to line everything up is fairly noticeable on the bodice front and along the hemline. If this kind of thing bothers you, you might be better off purchasing the Jenny dress in a solid color (like lavender or sky blue) or the less-rigid Tiki print.

La Reine Necklace
La Reine necklace by El Dorado Club Jewelry.

Additionally, the bodice lining is cut a tad smaller than the fashion fabric of the bodice itself, which creates a bit of pucker along the neckline.  When multiple pieces are cut at once, size drift happens.

I’m wearing XL in everything, and my measurements are 42-32-48″. I’m wearing the skirts and dress over a Malco Modes 591 petticoat. For those who need a tea-length 1950s crinoline that costs less than $40, Malco Modes 591 is your baby!

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