Spring colors and wish list!

While much of the northern hemisphere is still frozen stiff, the roses are blooming in good ol’ north-central California. It’s nowhere near warm, but the light’s changed and our days are getting longer. Spring is almost here, and you know what that means: IT’S PANTONE TIME.

Here are the Spring/Summer, 2013 top colors:

Pantone's Spring, 2013 colors
Pantone’s Spring, 2013 colors.

You can’t go wrong with a bright, fiery red like “Poppy,” and “Monaco Blue” is a perfectly nautical navy. “Lemon Zest” – a sunny yellow that make makes me feel warm and happy just looking at it – and pretty pastel “African Violet” are present and accounted for in seasonal previews for some of my favorite designers. So is “Tender Shoots,” a spring green that looks amazing in concert with other colors in playful prints like the harlequin and fleur-de-lys below.

Pinup Couture Spring Preview
Pinup Couture Spring sneak peek!

Incidentally, the Jenny sundress shown in the Pinup Girl Clothing preview above is at the top of my Spring wish list! I want it in the harlequin, (African) violet, sky blue, and the very “Lemon Zest”-looking yellow tiki print on the bottom right. I’m also wanting the Jenny circle skirts in the “Cabana” blue stripe and the harlequin print. The Jenny skirts are reminiscent of the 1950s Mexican circle skirts I adore so much, and will look great with the Dixiefried bustier tops I have.

Also, check out that “Emerald” on the Spring Pantone sheet. It looks like teal here, but the swatches are decidedly more green. It’s a winner in my eyes; in fact, Pantone’s christened it 2013’s “Color of the Year.”

I’ve always been a fan of bright greens, but I haven’t made an effort to incorporate much of it into my wardrobe until the last year or so. Red and black are my traditional go-to colors, but vibrant green’s new and different. Plus, it looks great on almost everyone. As those of you into personal color theory know, anyone can wear any color; it’s just a matter of picking the right tone for you. Emerald looks like the kind of green that will work for lots of folks in one way or another. If big blocks of Emerald scare you, stylists recommend incorporating accessories or prints that feature the color.

After falling in love with Pinup Couture’s Micheline dress in holiday green, I’ve ordered a petal-bust circle skirt dress from Whirling Turban featuring Emerald bodice details:

Whirling Turban Dress
Whirling Turban petal bust, circle skirt dress. Mine will be “Charcoal” with Emerald bust accents.


How are you planning on incorporating Emerald – or other greens – into your spring look?

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