Vintage Home: Ideas, linens, and holidays!

Corner of my bedroom.

So y’all know by now that I have a cute jack-in-the-box house from 1963. My goal is to decorate every room in as vintage a style as possible; not necessarily all-early ’60s, but in a way that blends the various eras my current furniture already represents.

My bedroom is 1930s-1960s, featuring my Yiayia Lois’ painted bedroom set from the late ’30s or early ’40s, my cousin’s 1960s white wicker shelves, my dad’s 1940s floor lamp, and a 1940s sewing machine table that I like to use as a night stand. My dining room features Lois’ late ’30s-early ’40s dining set, and my kitchen – which looks like it could’ve been constructed anytime from the late ’40s to the ’60s – showcases my Yiayia Sally’s wonderfully grotty old stencilled kitchen table from the 1940s.

Sewing machine table and antique bedframe/headboard.
Vintage Skotch Kooler, apple canisters, and Hazel Atlas preserves jar in my kitchen.
One of two vintage cherry towels I hang from the drawer pulls in my kitchen.
Kitchen Corner
Kitchen Korner: Vintage citrus crate labels, my grandmother’s kitchen table from the 1940s (complete with the 1960s radio she used to keep on it), repro vintage tablecloth, and completely contemporary Halloween decorations. ;D
Closeup of kitchen table decorations. Check out my cloth Halloween napkins!
Christmas Tablecloth
Detail of my vintage Christmas tablecloth.

Which gets me to the subject at hand: the beautiful kitchen and table textile goods I’ve enjoyed since buying my home! The antiques shop around the corner from me has some amazing things, including vintage textile items.

Last week, I purchased a Christmas tablecloth, a sunny tropical tablecloth, two embroidered hand towels, and a bark cloth cushion cover.

The Christmas tablecloth is almost identical to one that Mrs. Patterson – one of my family’s original neighbors – gave to my mother. It’s vibrant and nostalgic, which makes it perfect for the best holiday of the year!

The other tablecloth I bought features a beautiful tropical hibiscus print against a cheerful yellow and white background:

Tropical Tablecloth
Detail of vintage tropical tablecloth.

While this isn’t exactly the time of year for hibisci, I’ll be using this piece all the time come spring and summer!

Suitable for either kitchen or bathroom are these two (admittedly, also very spring-summery) embroidered hand towels:

Hand Towel
Embroidered vintage hand towel. Yes, I dried my hands on it! ๐Ÿ˜›
Hand Towel
The other embroidered hand towel.

The bark cloth cushion cover is probably my favorite of the bunch, though. It’s gray with green bamboo and magenta flowers, and looks fabulous on my wicker chair!

Cushion Cover
Bark cloth cushion cover!

It’s particularly rad when viewed near my midcentury exotica LPs!

Exotica LPs; Martin Denny’s Quiet Village on deck!

And since you’re still here, a couple more Halloween decoration shots…

The Haunted Mansion stuff is up year-round.
Yes, this is my fridge.

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