My grandmother’s childhood scrapbook

My grandmother, Florence “Sally” Arrington Pappas, age 18.

My dad and my uncle recently uncovered my grandma Sally’s scrapbook, which chronicled her activities from the end of junior high (1937) to the year she married my grandfather (1941). As a San Franciscan, her adventures included a 1937 visit to Curran Theatre to see legendary film star Leslie Howard onstage as Hamlet, a day at the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition, experiences at the legendary Omar Khayyam’s restaurant and bar, and graduation from Galileo High School.

Incidentally, here’s the recipe for the “Omar’s Delight” drink featured by Omar Khayyam’s, pictured below:

Omar’s Delight

  • 1 jigger Southern Comfort
  • 3 dashes curacao
  • Juice of one-half small lime
  • One-third ounce lemon juice
  • One-half level teaspoon sugar
  • Fine ice to chill…shake or mix on electric mixer…strain and serve in a champagne glass

I’m kinda jealous. Especially of the Golden Gate Exposition visit.

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