The ultimate retro lifestyle accessory: a home!

Kali House
Mah howse! By Cindy.

So, nearly three months of house drama is over. I spent this afternoon at the title company signing papers for my adorable 1963 jack-in-the-box house, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Finally, my 1930s painted bedroom and dining sets, my lucite pineapple-shaped “grape” lamp, my goddess rain lamp, and my amazing new lucite grape swag lamp (birthday gift from my adorable parents, which you can see below!) can run wild and free in my swank new retro pad!

I’ll be working on decorating the place over the next few months, so stay tuned for more “housey” updates!

Grape lamp
My birthday grape lamp!

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  1. Love the house. Oh so cute. I remember the grape lamps. The goddess oil lamp that me aunt had, was always one of my favorite memories of visiting her. I was always felt mesmerized, as I sat and watched it flow. I’m so happy for you and wish you all the happiness that comes with home ownership. Take care and God Bless! Cindy K

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