Wrapping up Emma 2009/2010…

Well, I’m home from a lovely visit to Orange County and Los Angeles.  Yes, we went to Disneyland.  Yes, we stopped by Kiyonna.  Yes, I bought something.  One dress.  ONLY ONE. Really.

Anyway, here’s the latest scoop on Emma, which wrapped last night on Masterpiece Classic:

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    1. Me too, Vic! It’s fun gathering ’round ye olde Tube with other Emma fans.

      Sami, I’m reasonably sure it’s the same product; if I find out otherwise, I’ll post here! 😀

  1. Hi! Just a quick question… I pre-ordered the Emma DVD from PBS.org with an expected ship date of March. Is it the same version as the BBC edition being shipped from Amazon.com as of today??
    Can you tell I am anxious to own my own copy?? Just want to make sure all the extra goodies are in my pre-ordered copy 🙂
    What a fabulous introduction to Austen this has been!!

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