Austen Pilgrimage to England, 1997

I posted some bad scans of a small portion of my England vaycay photos ca. 1997. Most of the places we visited were Austen adaptation filming locations or places that played a role in Jane Austen’s life.

SEE! The Cobb at Lyme Regis. SEE! Lyme Hall and Sudeley Castle in Derbyshire (Pemberley in P&P2 and Donwell Abbey in E3, respectively). SEE! Baaaaaaath. SEE! Jane Austen’s grave in the floor at Winchester Cathedral. SEE! Chawton cottage.  SEE!  Chatsworth.

See ’em all after the jump!

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    1. Hi Alexa! Take MANY PHOTOGRAPHS when you end up going, and remember to share them with me! 😀 Do you have a dream itinerary set out? There are a ton of things I missed when I went. Never got to Lacock or Sudbury Hall!

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