Wrapping up Emma 2009/2010…

Well, I’m home from a lovely visit to Orange County and Los Angeles.  Yes, we went to Disneyland.  Yes, we stopped by Kiyonna.  Yes, I bought something.  One dress.  ONLY ONE. Really.

Anyway, here’s the latest scoop on Emma, which wrapped last night on Masterpiece Classic:

Emma premiere roundup: Hours One and Two air on PBS Masterpiece Classic

Now that Emma‘s part one premiere is over, a few notes:

New BBC/WGBH Emma adaptation airing SOON on PBS!

That’s right, Emma 4’s U.S. debut is nearly upon us, ocurring on PBS between January 24 – February 7, 2010! Check here to confirm your local PBS station schedule.

WGBH’s official Emma site is chock full of interesting bits and bobs, including an audio slideshow, an interview with show writer Sandy Welch, a character quiz, and more!  From January 25 – March 9, 2010, the miniseries itself will also be available to stream directly via the Masterpiece Classic Emma site.

For grins, here are blurbs about the adaptation from the WXXI and Connecticut Public Broadcasting sites.

Also, Katie of Recycled Movie Costumes is planning a big feature on the previously-used costumes of Emma 4 – keep an eye out and enjoy!

Fashion Crap: My Antique Jewelry

I keep promising more “normal” fashion stuff and then never deliver.  This is mainly because I end up posting everything at the Dims fashion board and then promptly forget this blog exists.  So, in an attempt to rectify this continuous, egregious error, I give you…MY REALLY FREAKING OLD JEWELRY COLLECTION.  Okay, so maybe that isn’t “normal,” but at the very least it doesn’t involve me in a corset.  So there.  (Click the jumplink below the pic for the whole article.  )

1924 diamond earrings.
1924 diamond and pearl earrings.

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Straaaange Blog! That’s how my Blog Goes…

This blog is a hodgepodge, so i figure I should adapt it for more gloriously random uses. I think I’ll start posting some of the outfits I slap up on various fashion communities. I will also endeavor to post the interesting media (or not-so-interesting media) that I’m always slapping up on Facebook. And other stuff. I promise.

Mainly thinking out loud.

And now, a silly Depeche Mode video.


Emma 4 – Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

I first published this review in October of 2009 when Emma aired on the BBC, so some of the links and broadcast references will be out of date.

I apologize for lagging on the latest updates, but I’m pretty sure I’m only inconveniencing maybe three people, all of whom have actually watched the adaptation already.  Industry, patience, blah blah blah. ANYWAY.

My initial enthusiasm for this adaptation has not only returned, it has been surpassed.  Episode one showed promise, episode two was a teense off-putting, episode three brought the excitement back, and episode four hit the ball out of the park!

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Awesome Emma 4 hair review…

…by Vic of Jane Austen’s World.  Consider appropriate men’s and women’s hairstyles for the period, including headgear.  Check it out!

I’ll be watching Episode 3 very soon.  After 4 airs, I’m going to attempt an addendum to my Emma costume piece to cover this latest BBC adaptation…

Emma 4 Episode 2 Screenshots!

I’ve uploaded a zillion screencaps from Episode 2.  🙂

Will follow up with some thoughts on this second installment a bit later.  May I just say that I love Mr. Knightley?  Jonny Lee Miller is super.  Yes.  And the perfect age.  Ha.

From the Episode 3 preview, it’s clear there are gonna be alphabet puzzles.  HUZZAH!

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