More on Emma 4, just in time for its BBC 1 premier…

The Independent published a piece on Emma adaptations

Also, an Emma 4 behind-the-scenes preview video from BBC One…

And an Emma-themed “Culture Minute” from the Telegraph…

London Evening Standard interview with Romola Garai…

Not much relating to Emma, but it’s here nonetheless.

1972 Emma proposal…

…starring Dorin Godwin and John Carson.

Emma first editions and Ayesha costume notes…

Deb’s Bygone Books Blog reports on two first editions of Emma at auction.  One is being presented by Swann Auction Galleries of New York, which included the following blurb with the lot’s online listing:

“First english edition. Austen had a falling out with her first publisher Egerton over publication of Mansfield Park and transferred to John Murray, who published the second edition of that title and the first edition of Emma on the same terms: each was published at the author’s expense, with profits to the author after payment of a 10% commission to the publisher. In keeping with Murray’s stated views on edition sizes, 2000 copies were printed. Emma is also the only one of Jane Austen’s novels to bear a dedication (to the Prince Regent). –Gilson A8.”

Also, a short article on Sonam Kapoor’s Ayesha wardrobe, from the Times of India:

“Sonam’s clothes for the movie have been designed by fashion designer Rehane. Though Rehane is not Delhi-based, she’s participated in fashion weeks in Delhi, and has also designed the clothes for Sonam in the movie. “I have actually done the western look for her. I was supposed to do the Indian look as well, but couldn’t because of my commitment to the fashion weeks that are to follow,” says the Chennai-based designer.”

I guess this means that Mona May isn’t working on the film after all?  Or perhaps she’s working on special pieces, as Rehane is only doing the “western” portion of Sonam’s wardrobe. 

A more contemporary Emma?

Laurel Ann rounds up this weekend’s press on Emma4 and weighs in on the discussion about modernizing the story here.

For more on the miniseries, which is set to air in early October, see the Telegraph’s “BBC banishes stuffy period characters from new Emma drama” and “Values of Jane Austen characters are as important as the characters.”

Ayesha updates and Emma4 blurb…

Random articles about Ayesha:

Sonam Kapoor:

“South Delhi’s high society is just like that of Jane Austen’s England. After all, Delhi girls are forever obsessed with getting the right man, right family and right wedding clothes for their marriage.” (More…)

Romola Garai and Emma4:

“Starting on October 4, Romola will be seen as Jane Austen’s Emma in a four-part BBC TV drama.

‘Jane Austen famously said about her that she was someone she would like, but nobody else would ever want to be friends with,’ said Romola. ‘I’ve tried to make her, despite her many, many flaws, someone you would want to be friends with.'” (More…)

More on the Sonam Kapoor Emma

I keep seeing different title spellings for the Sonam Kapoor “Emma” adaptation.  Ayesha?  Aisha?  Blah.  Anyway, two more fluff pieces about the star…

‘Aisha’ a hen party: Sonam

Meet Delhi’s Emma

Sonam Kapoor talks about Ayesha

Your next film is an adaptation of Emma. Tell us something more about it.

I love Jane Austen’s novels. I was chatting with a friend about how Austen’s novels like Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Emma would make great women-centric films. Emma was Austen’s favourite book and heroine and she is the most realistic character that she wrote.Coincidentally, and soon after, I heard from a girl who went to UWC who said she had a script and wanted to talk to me for the part of Aisha. The film may be called Aisha, but it is a love story between two people that’s set in Delhi. It is being produced by Anil Kapoor Productions, directed by Rajshree Ojha (who earlier made Chaurahen and Badger), co-stars Abhay Deol and the crew has members from four countries.

Read the full interview here…

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