Summer Preview: Trashy Diva’s Pontchartrain Beach Set!

Trashy Diva Beach Set
Trashy Diva Ponchartrain Beach Set.

Trashy Diva does vintage style like no other. This New Orleans-based shop cluster and fashion line offers authentic looking designs in beautiful retro-print fabrics. The two-piece Pontchartrain Beach Set (named for the lake, I assume) is a playful, summery take on the usual Trashy Diva aesthetic, featuring a cropped top with pretty square neckline and a high-waisted skirt.  The fabric is a cool cotton voile, woven with a purple-and-turquoise plaid pattern. Large, white rose buttons close the bodice and decorate the large pockets on the skirt.

Because of its cropped top, this set is a great choice for warm weather outdoor exploits. Cute-casual and cool, this is something I’d wear to Disneyland. Or a picnic. The high waist of the skirt means that you won’t show off more than a few inches of midriff, so anybody with blob anxiety (like me!) shouldn’t worry too much.

Trashy Diva Beach Set Buttons
Rose buttons.

I love this set. The look is perfect and the fit is great. The only issue I have with this piece (other than the fact it’s not made in the USA) is that the top isn’t really bra-friendly. Unless your boobs ride really high, your underwire will show under the bottom edge. I solve the problem by going braless, but that isn’t an option for everyone.

I’m wearing the beach set with some vintage porcelain screwback earrings I bought at Lacis and my grandmother’s 1960s Japanese pearls.

For reference, this is the size 14, and my measurements are 42-32-48.”

Rose Earrings
Vintage porcelain rose earrings. Ignore my frizz.

4 Replies to “Summer Preview: Trashy Diva’s Pontchartrain Beach Set!”

  1. I love this! It looks really great on you. I’ve been thinking of buying it but I was unsure what it would look like on, since I haven’t seen any photos of anyone wearing it yet. Now I’m definitely going to get it!

    Did you buy your usual Trashy Diva size? Any issues with the waistband being too tight? I know that some of the recent skirts are coming up really small in the waist.

    1. Thanks, Lucinda! I got my usual size, with no problems. The size chart on the TD site appears to be correct! I hope you enjoy the set! 😀

  2. Pontchartrain Beach refers to an amusement park near the lake, which closed in 1983. It was right next to UNO. I’d often go there after classes just to relax and hang out.

    The name also refers to the lake. I’d go there when I was a kid and watch the waves lap against the sea wall.

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