Outfits of the Week: Collectif Gretel dress and Whirling Turban wingbust dress

Collectif Gretel dress
Collectif Gretel dress.

For some months now, I’ve been interested in the adorably gingham Gretel dress by Collectif. It’s got everything a gal hungry for summer really needs: red gingham cotton (you know, picnic style!) fabric, heart buttons down the front of the bodice, lace trim, and well-placed halter straps. I know that lots of people aren’t comfortable wearing halter-style dresses, but this one’s different. With a good strapless bra, the ties put no pressure at all on the back of my neck!

Unfortunately, Collectif’s sizing varies wildly from style to style and they do not post garment measurements on their website. Luckily, I was able to use posted measurements for the dress at another site to estimate my size (I bought the 16/XL to accommodate my bust; my Bust/waist are 42″/32″).

Since Collectif was out of my size (and ships all the way from the UK, which means hefty transit fees), I opted to buy my Gretel dress from Sourpuss Clothing. Sourpuss’ items are usually very competetively-priced, and it’s one of the few online shops in the U.S. that carries items from the Pinup Girl Clothing brands.

While I’ve got your attention, here’s a pic of that lovely custom-colored cotton wingbust circle-skirt dress by Whirling Turban that I ordered a couple of months ago. The construction is perfectly 1950s and the color is amazing! I chose “emerald” bust accents and a “charcoal” main dress color. I opted also for a back zipper, though the stretch-ruching on the sides and back of the bodice mean you don’t need zip entry to get into the dress. It’s still a little box-wrinkled in this photo, but you can still see the beauty and quality. I’m wearing the dress over the bullet-cupped Goddess Lace Longline Bra and a Malco Modes 591 tea-length petticoat.

Whirling Turban dress
Whirling Turban dress.
Whirling Turban Dress
Whirling Turban petal bust, circle skirt dress. Mine is “Charcoal” with Emerald bust accents.


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  1. You look gorgeous in this dress! I would like to buy the gingham collectif dress too and i’m 40C-32; do you think is better to take size L or XL? Thanks Γ’β„’Β₯

    1. Hi Benedicte! And thanks.

      It really depends on how you like your fit; if you like things tight, and your total bust measurement is 40, you might be okay with the L. The L tops out at just under 40″ according to the size chart below. My waist measurement is the same as yours, and there’s a bit of extra room in the XL. My bust is 42 (bra size 36E), and the XL just fits.

      Collectif Gretel Gingham Dress – Size Chart

      Good luck!

  2. Aren’t you sweet to post this beautiful pic of you in your Whirling Turban Wing Bust?!

    Those goddess bras are the BEST and I am constantly singing their praises. They are pretty much the last of their kind being manufactured today and SO flattering. So glad you got one!

    Love the colors you chose for you dress. Do let us know if you ever do a photo shoot in that dress *please*!

    Thanks so much for your support πŸ™‚
    Katherine Robinson, Designer for Whirling Turban

    1. Thanks, Katherine! I love my Whirling Turban dress and hope to shoot in it sometime soon. Love the Goddess longline, too! I bought it your recommendation, actually. πŸ˜€

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