Outfit(s) of the Day: Saturdayyyyyyyy!

Outfit of the Day - Saturday!
Outfit of the Day - Saturday!

Since the semester’s started, I haven’t had much time for anything but work. However, here’s my casual outfit for this dreary Saturday! White House/Black Market dot cardigan, Deadly Dames Vamp top in red with black dots, El Dorado Club “New Orleans” bat necklace, Torrid jeans, and Coach patent leather flats.

I’m also including a shot from Thursday afternoon, which features a smidge of that Heartbreaker Marilyn Tee I’d previously mentioned. I’m happy with the shot because my hair isn’t frizzed beyond belief and the colors involved seem to suit me.

I have a few new (and old) items in the hopper to show you within the next month or so, so stay tuned! Here’s hoping everything fits as planned! 😀

Heartbreaker Marilyn Tee
Heartbreaker Marilyn Tee.

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  1. I emailed HB this week asking them to put the Marilyn Stripey aside for me until Viva…at long last it will be mine! Looks smashing on you!

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