Outfit of the Day: Deadly Dames Je T’Adore…and more!

Deadly Dames Je T'Adore
Deadly Dames Je T'Adore Dress.

A few days ago, I expressed concern that the beautiful Deadly Dames Je T’Adore Dress might not fit my hips. Turns out I shouldn’t have been so worried!

The 2xl is listed as maxing out at 47.5″, but my hips are 49″. Somehow, it worked out – score!

I wore this beautiful dress to a work training today (unpaid, alas!) with my Lane Bryant sequined cardigan, pictured below (thanks to Homegoods for lending their mirror).

Also pictured below is my new Deadly Dames Vamp Dress in Zebra Print. I’m wearing it with a red belt from Bettie Page clothing.

And that’s it for new clothing for the next little while. I think. Heh.

Je T'Adore, accessorized for work
Je T'Adore, accessorized for work.
Deadly Dames Vamp Dress in Zebra Print
Deadly Dames Vamp Dress in Zebra Print.

9 Replies to “Outfit of the Day: Deadly Dames Je T’Adore…and more!”

  1. Ciao, Hi there
    Che Stile, che Fascino… Your Style in wearing is Meraviglioso/Amazing …Artistic, That’s the Art of Fashion !
    I like your “Je T’Adore” Dress, Classic but…so colourful, Artistic!
    Ciao dall’Italia/Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

  2. I bought the Vamp dress in zebra print based on your review on the PUG website! I love the Je t’adore dress, it looks fantastic on you. I want the green one, but is there any strech? Lately I bought the Ava dress, I’m 42′ in the bust area and had the XL but it did not fit in the bust area, it was really tight, so I’m a bit concerned with non-stretch material.

    1. Thank you, doll! I’m so glad the review helped!!!! I’m not sure about the satin Je T’Adores, but the floral one has no stretch in the skirt portion (the cotton sateen does have a very slight bit of give once worn for a bit, but not much…plus, it’s lined!). The Avas really are clingy; the Mon Cheri fabric is similar, but I think the bust and waist are cut a little larger than the Ava. Ava 2x is perfect for me, but Mon Cheri 2x is too big in the waist (I had it taken in) and is by no means maxed out in the bust. The Mon Cheri arms are cut really narrow, though!

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