Music Collection: A Christmas Music Box is BACK!

A Christmas Music Box "cover" art
A Christmas Music Box “cover” art.

As of Christmas, 2018, this collection’s moved to the YOOTUBEZ! Full info in this UPDATED POST.


StrangeBeat Productions presents “A CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOX,” yet another holiday tunes compilation just in time for Christmas! (originally released on December 1, 2010!)

NEW FOR 2011, We’ve compiled a full CD’s worth of NEW SELECTIONS for your Christmas listening, as well as a few minor touchups to some old favorites! Read on…

VOLUME 1: From Mannheim Steamroller to Elvis himselvis, these FOUR DISCS of Christmas tunes provide plenty of variety for your holiday parties, gatherings, and personal time.

JASON SEZ – For those of you who have “acquired” Christmas music from me in the past, much of this material will be familiar. Approximately 20 minutes of music have been added to round out these four volumes to full CD length, and the mp3s have been carefully retagged (and in some cases re-ripped) to match the quality of the next set we have for you!


Disc 1 – 22 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 2 – 23 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 3 – 24 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 4 – 22 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

VOLUME 2: Enjoy the many moods of the holidays with selections ranging from traditional instrumentals to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. We’re giving you a whopping THREE DISCS worth of our favorite Christmas tracks PLUS the following:

KALI SEZ – Disc four is a bonus collection of vintage holiday recordings, as selected in 1970 by Jack “The Voice of Disneyland” Wagner for the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom “Main Street U.S.A.” Christmas music loops. These tracks can be randomized or played in order as they appear in situ at the parks!


Disc 1 – 28 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 2 – 27 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 3 – 25 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

New for 2011! All David Rose Christmas Album tracks have been re-ripped from the new 2011 CD remaster; PLUS, six tracks from the original record that were NOT selected by Disneyland for the Main Street USA loop are included as bonus tracks. Enjoy the complete David Rose Christmas Album alongside beautiful music straight from Disneyland and Walt Disney World!

Disc 4 – 30 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (128kbps)


Here’s 27 new holiday selections for your listening pleasure; choice cuts from 60+ years of incredible Christmas music, and even more perfect accompaniment for your holiday festivities!

Also available:

Tracklisting and liner notes on selected tracks:

Three .txt files are included, each containing informative and (we hope!) entertaining liner notes.


Each folder contains a 720×720 .jpg file with the corresponding artwork for each disc.


  • Compilation produced by KALI PAPPAS and JASON PITTMAN
  • Art Direction by KALI PAPPAS
  • Engineering by JASON PITTMAN
  • Liner Notes by JASON PITTMAN and KALI PAPPAS

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