Emma 4 filming in Chilham…

There’s video available at the Kentish Express, chronicling the transformation of Chilham into the village of Highbury!

Video: Chilham taken back in time for Jane Austen’s Emma

by Katie Alston

Charming Chilham has been taken back in time for the latest version of Jane Austen’s Emma.

The town square has been chosen as a backdrop for the costume drama which will be shown on BBC One in the autumn.

Keira Knightley’s best friend Romola Garai plays the leading lady, alongside Trainspotting’s Jonny Lee Miller and veteran actor Michael Gambon.

Crews arrived in the village last week to build sets and prepare the area for the start of filming on Tuesday.

They are expected to shoot in the square, in front of the local school, in the churchyard and at the village hall until Saturday.

The area has been transformed into an authentic 19th century setting, with gravel and straw hiding road markings, and burglar alarms being boxed in.

Horse and carts have replaced parked cars, and period costumes worn in place of jeans and jumpers.

With the square cut off from traffic, residents have been forced to leave their cars in the town’s lower carpark.

But to ease safety concerns, 24-hour security has been enlisted to patrol the area and police have assigned an officer to the shoot.

The film crew have also put in provisions to collect residents’ bins on rubbish day and have offered to carry shopping bags from the ca rpark at the bottom of the hill up to the front doors which are now backdrops to the romantic comedy.

Residents were sent letters telling them of filming plans back in January and no objections were raised.

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