Questions and answers about Pinup Couture and Mode Merr Peasant Tops

People have asked about Pinup Girl Clothing’s new peasant tops, and I’m here to oblige them. All the answers you crave after the jump!

White peasant top by Pinup Couture
White peasant top by Pinup Couture: back

How’s the fit? Good. They seem to run true to size for Pinup Girl Clothing house brand items (I ordered my usual XL). Even though the bodice is different, the sizing and fit is comparable to the Deadly Dames Vamp tops. This includes length, the back zips, and yes – the zipper bump on the lower back (see picture above). The elasticized sleeves and neckline makes them very comfortable. I had no problem with chafing or cutting anywhere (and I have big upper arms!).

Red peasant top by Pinup Couture

Do the colorways all fit the same? For the most part. The white version seems to be cut a tad bigger than the black or red.

Black peasant top by Pinup Couture

Are these good for busty people? That depends. I’m 36 E/F, 42″ total bust, and they work for me (size XL). That said, the bodice (or bust shelf) is “short,” which means that those with bigger boobs may get some bra cup peep and lots of spillover.

What are they made of? Cotton sateen, like the Vamp tops. See below for more information.

White peasant top by Pinup Couture: lining

Are they lined? The black and red colorways are lined in the bust and the upper back with what looks like self fabric. The white version is the same, with the addition of soft white jersey knit lining in the sleeves and everywhere below the underbust. This lining looks like the same fabric they use to make the Pinup Couture Laura tops. Why the extra lining? To prevent show-through. It makes sense, but it also means that this colorway may not be the best option for hot weather.

Black lace Mode Merr peasant top with Mode Merr Perfect pencil skirt
Black peasant top by Pinup Couture

How do they compare to the Mode Merr peasant tops? Favorably. I have two Mode Merr peasant tops in XL and like them very much. I think they’re different enough from the PUG version to justify having both in your wardrobe.

The Mode Merr peasant tops are made almost entirely of a stretch jersey fabric, the fashion fabric shell over the bust – and sleeves – excepted. The bust shelf is also longer (and roomier) than the PUG, as is the overall length of the top. These facts make the Mode Merr version a good option for plus-sized folks, the very busty, and those who like a comfortable stretch in their tops.

While the Mode Merr bust/sleeve fabric options are snazzier than PUG’s basic color offerings, the jersey fabric that makes up the rest of the Mode Merr version isn’t as attractive as PUG’s cotton sateen. Plus, the Mode Merr versions run a little big. For these reasons, I give a slight edge to the PUG tops.

Mode Merr black lace peasant top and Perfect pencil skirt
Mode Merr black lace peasant top and Perfect pencil skirt

7 Replies to “Questions and answers about Pinup Couture and Mode Merr Peasant Tops”

  1. Hi Kali, Have a few questions on sizing. Many of the tops of several sites give both a bust and waist measurement. How restrictive are those sizes. You stated in this post that you were a 36 E/F and 42 overall and that the xl fit fine. My wife is a 40DD most tops we find will fit this size but the waist measurements are too small for that size by about 2 – 3 inches. Any help would be appreciated.
    Geoff & Debbie
    Derby, KS

    1. Hi guys,

      I think the black and red measurements are pretty spot on for the peasant tops when it comes to the official chart. The white ones run a tad bigger, but not a full size. None of them are stretchy, though there is a very little bit of give in the sateen.

      In general, I recommend sizing down with a larger waist measurement ONLY if your waist/tummy condenses fairly easily and you like things tight. I RARELY size down in any PUG, unless people are reporting that something runs a full size bigger than officially measured.

      If her overall bust measurement is 40″ overall, then the 2x will be too big on top. If her overall bust measurement is 45″ (45″ overall bust is what a correctly-fitted 40DD bra indicates), then the 2x would be best.

      Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Hi, would you mind sharing your waist measurement? I’m supposed to wear XL according to the size chart, but your waist looks smaller than mine, so I’m not sure it’ll fit me.

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