It’s a Retro Lovely Halloween (pin up galore)!

I’m a Halloween girl going way back, so it’s no shocker that I enjoy spooky pinup. This year, in addition to the “Halloween in April” cover my friends and I earned six months ago, I’m published in two volumes of Retro Lovely’s Halloween special edition!

Retro Lovely Halloween 2023 cover - witchy pinup!
Witchy pinup in Retro Lovely Halloween 2023 cover.

Marilee Caruso took the photos and did the glam for both sets.

Retro Lovely Halloween 2023 - Dracula's bride
Retro Lovely Halloween 2023: Dracula’s vampire bride.

The first feature (my singles from our “Brides of Dracula” vampire shoot) got six pages in volume 8, and the second (lingerie witch) received six pages and a cover for volume 9.

You can order copies of these issues, a Halloween Vol. 9 cover poster, a copy of my 2024 Retro Lovely Calendar, and all my issues for the past two years via my Linktree.

Roses and the historic Tower Theatre in Retro Lovely 229

Last month, Marilee Caruso and I took some Summery outdoor pinup images in the garden in front of Sacramento’s historic Tower Theatre. They turned out just as I’d hoped, and appear in Retro Lovely Number 229! One of the covers for this issue features Suzi Q in a great jukebox-themed pinup set also photographed by Marilee!

Catherine Morland by Marilee Caruso
Catherine Morland by Marilee Caruso.

Marilee did the fabulous 1940s-inspired makeup and hair, and I’m wearing Vixen by Micheline Pitt (her 1950s Swing Sundress in red vintage roses print – it comes with the scarf!). The bat sunglasses are also by Micheline Pitt, from her La Femme en Noir line. The shoes are by Remix (I think they’re the Veronica style, but I’ve had them for at least 8 years at this point so I can’t be sure).

Catherine Morland photographed by Marilee Caruso
Catherine Morland photographed by Marilee Caruso.
Catherine Morland by Marilee Caruso
Catherine Morland by Marilee Caruso.

We were going for mid-century old Hollywood glamour, and this locale provides that vibe. 

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The Creature From the Black Lagoon does pinup in Retro Lovely Bathing Beauties Number 4

Earlier this year, I shot some fun, Summery pinup images with my friend and fave photographer Marilee Caruso and our good buddy the Gill Man of Creature From the Black Lagoon film fame. I wore a pretty gold lamรฉ repro of the famous “Swoon” suit style of the 1940s by Vintage Suits by Mary and posed in a pond set carefully designed by Marilee.

Catherine Morland and Gilman in Retro Lovely Bathing Beauties number 4
Catherine Morland and Gilman in Retro Lovely Bathing Beauties number 4.

The photos ended up being playful and funny, as we very quickly moved away from me playing terrorized victim to the creature himself turning tail and running away. I’m guessing it was my big net and massive Dooneese Maharelle energy that scared him off? The world may never know.

Catherine Morland and Gilman in Retro Lovely Bathing Beauties number 4
Catherine Morland and Gilman in Retro Lovely Bathing Beauties number 4.

Anyway, a fun way to bridge the gap between hot Summer days by the lagoon and Halloween.

There are six images in all, each published in Volume 4 of this year’s Bathing Beauties special edition by Retro Lovely. To purchase this or any of my publications, including my 2024 pinup calendar by Retro Lovely, see my LinkTree.

Hearst Castle-inspired pinup in June Bombshell!

The June issue of Bombshell magazine is out! My Hearst Castle-inspired set by Marilee Caruso (who also did the makeup and hair) is in Book 1, including the inside cover facing the table of contents. If you want to grab this – or any – Magcloud publication on sale, there’s a discount code right now: MAG25.

Catherine Morland in Bombshell magazine
Hearst Castle library-inspired image by Marilee Caruso. I’m wearing the Gene dress by Trashy Diva.

Since I am a huge fan of William Randolph Hearst’s La Cuesta Encantata estate (“the enchanted hill,” now a California State Park located near San Simeon, CA), I wanted to incorporate a sliver of the atmosphere there. Virtually all aspects of the architecture and decoration were overseen by architect and Berkeley grad (Go Bears!) Julia Morgan over nearly three decades, and it remains one of her most impressive projects.

Hearst Castle library photographed by me
Hearst Castle library photographed by me. Note the Greek pottery atop the bookcases.

Since we couldn’t shoot at the actual house, we adapted Marilee’s “study” setup to double as W.R.’s library. The original room  is very Spanish Baroque in ways that only a wealthy media mogul who collected lots of European antiques can replicate, but we did our best. I added a reproduction Greek vase (dude collected tons of art, including a huge ancient pottery collection from Greek antiquity which he highlighted in his library) and my “Citizen Kane” snowglobe to the studio set.

Marilee put images from my Film Noir shoot on the late 1940s tv console to add another layer of meaning, as both Hearst and Marion Davies (his girlfriend and major silent era and golden age of Hollywood star) were involved in the early American film industry. Given the tv cabinet and the more mid-century look of the studio set, we couldn’t do 1920s or 30s. And since the house was closed during World War II and  Mr. Hearst and Davies left the house in 1947 due to the former’s ill health, we figured a small evening party in 1946 or 1947 “coulda happened” like this.

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Pinup Picnic on the cover of Retro Lovely’s 20th Century Retrospective 1950s Vol. 1

I’m thrilled that one of my “picnic pinup” photos by Marilee Caruso was selected as a cover for the Retro Lovely 20th Century Retrospective – 1950’s special edition! My Summer pinup cover can be found on Volume 1! 

Retro Lovely 20th Century Retrospective 1950s cover featuring Catherine Morland
Retro Lovely 20th Century Retrospective 1950s cover featuring Catherine Morland.

There’s also a six-page feature inside with more photos from the set. Just FYI – right now you can get 20% off on this issue and more at Magcloud using code MAG20 through 5/25/2023!

And if you’d like to shoot your own Summer Pinup-themed shoot with Marilee, she’s offering a special event at her new Sacramento studio on June 24th and 25th, featuring makeup and hair by one of my favorites ever, Rockwell De’Vil!

Summer picnic pinup with Catherine Morland's banana
Summer picnic pinup with Catherine Morland’s banana.

For this shoot, I wore a pretty 1950s Daisy-themed dress by Prettie Lanes (it’s a copy of an original from the fifties) and a Niรงois hat from France. The necklace was made for me as a gift from a loved one, and just so happened to match. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To grab a copy of my cover issue (or a poster featuring the cover art), here are the Magcloud links (don’t forget to use code MAG20 through 5/25/2023 to get 20% off):

Boudoir pinup by Bettina May in Retro Lovely’s Godiva magazine

I had the pleasure of shooting with the multi-talented and very lovely Bettina May back in March, and the pretty Victorian hotel photos we took that day are now on six pages of Retro Lovely‘s Godiva No. 57! Bettina did my sweet 1940s-style hair and makeup, too!

Catherine Morland photographed by Bettina May
Catherine Morland photographed by Bettina May.

I wore two fabulous lingerie outfits made for me by Rachel of Buttress & Snatch in the UK, a blue tulle robe by GlamourGhoul on Etsy, and a black ruffled Cassandra robe by Catherine D’Lish.

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Strawberry dress and red Easter eggs in Retro Lovely Spring special edition

I’m happy to say that my “Easter pin-up” shots by Marilee Caruso made six pages in Retro Lovely‘s Spring special edition, Volume 1. Marilee also did the beautiful Springtime makeup and 1940s hair!

Easter pin up
Easter eggs and strawberries!

I’d been wanting an excuse to shoot some photos in my pink Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Dress, so the Spring edition seemed like a perfect opportunity. As I’m Greek Orthodox (hey, it’s almost Easter as I type this! Christos Anesti!  ), of course it made sense to pose with a basket of red Easter eggs; these were Ukrainian-style hand-painted eggs (artificial, of course), because I love Ukrainian Easter egg designs (even made some of my own millions of years ago using layers of wax and dye) and support Ukrainian sovereignty.

Marilee has some great dusty pink velvet drapes and a lovely sakura tree, which really made the red eggs – and the bright, sparkly strawberries on my dress – pop!

Easter pin up
Easter eggs and strawberries!

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Disney Haunted Mansion cosplay in Retro Lovely’s Mousequerade

I love pinup, I like cosplay, and Disney theme parks have been my jam since I was a lazy-eyed baby in an eye patch singing “A Pirates Life for Me” like a drunken sailor. So it isn’t a stretch (haha, just wait for this pun payoff!) to assume I’d want to submit something to Retro Lovely‘s Disney-themed Mousequerade special edition.

Catherine Morland's Sally Slater Haunted Mansion Cosplay
Catherine Morland’s Sally Slater Haunted Mansion cosplay, photographed by Marilee Caruso.

Since the Haunted Mansion is my favorite Disneyland/Magic Kingdom attraction, I decided to go with a Sally Slater-themed cosplay. In case you didn’t know, that’s the “new” official name used for the slackrope-walking girl perched above the hungry crocodile in one of the stretching room portraits (see? I got PUNS).

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