Pet Society: Last Call

Hedwig at L'Opera Petulaire
Hedwig at L’Opera Petulaire. She’s good at playing the pipe organ backwards.

Social gamers already know that Electronic Arts will be shuttering several of its popular Facebook titles on June 14. The decision is controversial for a number of reasons, but my primary issue with the decision is very personal. Quite simply, I love my Pet, Hedwig, and her little kitten and unicorn petlings.
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Pinup Persuasion: The Online World of Pinup Shopping

Fellow Pinup Girl Clothing fan Jessica M. has launched a really useful blog dedicated to informing midcentury-retro shoppers about their options – Pinup Persuasion! She reviews pinup products and retailers of all stripes, everything from shapewear to kitchenware!

Her latest review features Pinup Girl Clothing, and includes a great video testimonial that she prepared last summer for PUG (as it’s affectionately called) to use at an upcoming trade show. I did a testimonial, too, but I’m way too shy to share it here!

Excellent work, Jess! I’m looking forward to your posts.

Emma 3 Music Notes…

Katherine of November’s Autumn recently sent me the following information regarding Jane Fairfax’s “Italian Melody” (by Rossini) in Emma 3 (1996 Meridian/ITV/A&E television adaptation starring Kate Beckinsale):

I was browsing through the music page of your Emma adaptations site and noticed that the song Jane Fairfax sings in Emma 3 is marked as an Italian melody. I recently learned it’s called “Mi lagnerò tacendo” The lyrics are:

Mi lagnerò tacendo della mia sorte amara, ah! Ma ch’io non t’ami, o cara, non lo sperar da me. Crudel, farmi penar così, crudel! Ah! Mi lagnerò tacendo della mia sorte amara, Ma ch’io non t’ami, o cara, non lo sperar da me, crudel!

Cecilia Bartoli sings it here: The part Jane sings is at 3:15. It sounds different since Jane’s version is far less operatic.

THANK YOU, Katherine, for providing this info!