Like the Birdies Sing: DailySparkle’s Tiki Room felt circle skirt

If I’m anything, I’m an oldschool Disneyland nerd. I was born twelve years to the day after Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room opened in 1963, which I fully credit for my obsession with all things tiki, tropical, and Disney! So, when I saw DailySparkle’s adorable Jose the Tiki Bird-inspired felt circle skirt on Etsy, I knew I had to have it!

DailySparkle Tiki Room skirt
My DailySparkle Tiki Room skirt, featuring Jose the Tiki Bird. My top is the “Voodoo Vixen” by Deadly Dames. The wicker purse is by Pinup Couture.

Tiki skirt
Tiki skirt! With my mom and Mrs. T.

Brigid – the lady behind the magic that is DailySparkle – combines the vintage whimsicality of Juli Lynne Charlot’s iconic 1950s felt applique skirts (of “poodle skirt” fame) with today’s popular Disney themes to create works of wearable art. Perfect for a Day at Disneyland or a lunch date with friends, my Jose skirt is an instant conversation starter.

Jose applique
Jose applique! A close up of the felt and crystal design.

My Jose sits on a fancy perch, just like the audio-animatronic original does in the Tiki Room attraction. He is surrounded by tropical flowers and accessorized with a few sparkly Swarovski crystals. And what a sweet birdy expression on his face! I can hear Wally Boag’s voice in my head whenever I look at him (“I think someone has left the shower running!”).

Enchanted Tiki Room poster
Enchanted Tiki Room poster, with tiki birds! The first Disney attraction to utilize audio-animatronic figures, the Tiki Room is the technological forerunner of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and many other theme park favorites.

While my Tiki Room skirt is a “stock” design, Brigid is happy to take fully custom Disney-themed commissions. Every skirt – stock design or not – is made specifically to your waist measurement.


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