“Makeup” on Monday: Dry shampoo?

I promised that “Makeup on Mondays” would be an occasional feature; sometimes I’ll post every week, sometimes I’ll go awhile before I find something worth posting about. And sometimes, the feature won’t be about makeup at all, but rather some other health or beauty-related product. This beautiful Memorial Day, I’m tackling an odd subject. A subject upon which I’ve been ambivalent for some time. That’s right, I’m bringing up dry shampoo.

Batiste dry shampoo
Batiste “Hint of Color” dry shampoo.

It sounds like a great idea: a way to get the oil, sweat, and smell out of your hair and off of your scalp without using water or harsh chemicals. Since I dye my hair black, regular shampoo + water is kind of the bane of my existence. I bathe every day, but I’d rather wash my hair every other day, or every third day if I can manage it. That’s tough when you work out as often as I do. I decided to give Batiste dry shampoo products a try, hoping they’d help me squeeze an extra day or so out of my hair.

I bought the “Hint of Color” dry shampoo for dark/deep brown hair (it comes in other colors, too) AND the regular Batiste dry shampoo in cherry scent. The verdict? They work, but they’re not for everyone.

Both versions absorb oil and sweat. Both versions smell good. Both versions will leave you feeling pretty clean. That said, there is a process involved. You shake, spray, and fluff the shampoo powder around your scalp and roots. If you have dark hair, the regular dry shampoo will show a bit at first, as it’s white. If you brush or comb your hair after application, that should take care of most of the powder. There will, however, be some residue left on your scalp. It didn’t bother me, but it might bug you.

The dark dry shampoo blends in with my hair and helps obscure my root color, but I did get some residue on my fingers. It wasn’t a lot and it washed off very easily. If you use the product often, though, you may see some color transfer to pillow cases and such. I managed to brush out most of the powder early in the day, but I did experience some of the “just colored hair” traces of pigment on my scalp. SInce I dig a fresh color job, I kind of liked that.

Additionally, if you want extra volume near the roots of your hair, the powder residue will give that to you. In fact, Batiste has an extra volume formula to help you in that regard.

A friend of mine reported that the product made her hair very dry. I didn’t have this problem, and my hair is pretty normal. That said, your mileage may vary.

At the end of the day, dry shampoo does have its uses. It’s not a total solution to the problem of keeping your hair and scalp clean, but it can help you pace your regular shampoos in a way that extends the life of your hair color.

You can get Batiste – and other dry shampoo products – all over the place. I got mine at Ulta for $8.99 a can.

2 Replies to ““Makeup” on Monday: Dry shampoo?”

  1. I LOVE dry shampoo.

    Being a fake ginger means that I avoid washing my hair as much as possible to avoid fading. Unfortunately, I’ve been “blessed” with naturally thin, straight, greasy hair.

    I’ve tried a number of different brands, but I’ve found “Not Your Mothers” dry shampoo to be my hands-down favorite. I also love the added bonus that it gives my otherwise limp locks some volume and texture. Without dry shampoo, pretty much every day would be a ponytail day.

    1. Awesome! Another brand to check out. Since going back to black I decided it was time to try the dry. The Redken formula they use on my hair is pretty bulletproof, but with all the working out I do, I decided not to tempt the vanishing blue!

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