Emma Approved: Another Austen-inspired web serial

Emma Approved
Emma Approved premiers October 7!

If you enjoyed The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an interactive online media series adapted from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, you’ll be over the moon about Emma Approved. Based on Austen’s Emma, this one’s produced by the very same team that  brought you Diaries and Welcome to Sanditon.

The series begins on October 7. A website and several social media accounts are at the ready to start delivering the goods. In fact, the Tweets and blog entries are already rolling.

The premise is quintessential Emma. Our heroine is a young fashion and lifestyle blogger who sees herself on the leading edge of everything hip and awesome. In classic Emma Woodhouse fashion, she’s also a matchmaker…

There are many intriguing female entrepreneurs in the love and lifestyle industry, but no one is more dynamic or has more potential than young Ms. Woodhouse.  So if you haven’t heard of her yet, don’t worry; you will.


Totally full of herself!

While at the official site/Emma’s blog, make sure you check out the clever ModCloth cross-promotion! Stay tuned, and enjoy!

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