Outfits of the Month: August vintage fashion finds

Blue Taffeta and Velvet Dress
1950s blue taffeta and velvet dress from Sneaky Tiki Boutique in Long Beach.

From time to time I like to raid my favorite vintage fashion shops to see what I can find. Since I’ve lost enough weight to fit into common 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s shapes and sizes, the endeavor’s become easier and tons more fun! On a foray to Long Beach’s Fourth Street vintage district, I discovered a gorgeous taffeta and velvet dress at Sneaky Tiki Boutique (left).

On my last visit to the Haight in San Francisco, I found several beautiful pieces at my two favorite stores, Relic Vintage and La Rosa. Both shops feature beautifully-curated selections in wearable women’s sizes up to at least 34″ in the waist. The staff is super-helpful at both stores and the quality is amazing!

From Relic, I purchased a cute 1950s sundress in a true red houndstooth pattern with sparkly white buttons, a gorgeous homemade gray and red “New Look” style dress with coolie hat-shaped buttons and fancy French cuffs, a taupe belted dress, and a quirky 1940s dress featuring a colorful New York City night scene and fancy jeweled buttons. The embroidered green cashmere cardigan worn with the taupe dress is from La Rosa, worn with a cardigan clip I purchased from an Etsy seller.

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