Sonam Kapoor talks about Ayesha

Your next film is an adaptation of Emma. Tell us something more about it.

I love Jane Austen’s novels. I was chatting with a friend about how Austen’s novels like Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Emma would make great women-centric films. Emma was Austen’s favourite book and heroine and she is the most realistic character that she wrote.Coincidentally, and soon after, I heard from a girl who went to UWC who said she had a script and wanted to talk to me for the part of Aisha. The film may be called Aisha, but it is a love story between two people that’s set in Delhi. It is being produced by Anil Kapoor Productions, directed by Rajshree Ojha (who earlier made Chaurahen and Badger), co-stars Abhay Deol and the crew has members from four countries.

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New Emma allusion and Romola Garai blurb…

From, information about a new and interesting novel-allusion to Emma and an old, short piece about Romola Garai in Emma4.

Mona May costumes another Emma-inspired film?

Times of India reports that Mona May, Clueless costume designer, is doing Sonam Kapoor’s wardrobe for Ayesha.

“Monetizing Emma”

Last night, Google yielded information about another play loosely based on Emma. This one deals with the alarmingly dystopic concept of investing not in conventional securities, but in…teenagers?

Anyway, the eponymous heroine is apparently a huge Austen fan:

“Emma Dorfman’s one of the chosen elite. A shy 15-year-old who most days shuttles between bullies at school, a pushy mom and a fantasy life inspired by Jane Austen, she’s not exactly sure she wants to be “monetized.” But Thackeray Walsh has special plans for her and Emma may be forced to trade her split reality for something doubly scary…and far more adult.”

BroadwayWorld Announcement

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Performances begin June 17.

Emma in Iowa…

A bit late on the uptake, but I recently read about a stage adaptation of Emma performed last week in Cedar Rapids…

On Saturday and May 10, the Ushers Ferry Historical Society of Cedar Rapids’ Parlour Theater Company will perform a theatrical version of the 1815 novel Emma. The show will begin at 7 p.m. both days at the Old Capitol Senate Chamber. Admission is free.

“[Emma] was a great choice because it is a fun story,” said society education coordinator Darrin Crow. “It is a fairly familiar piece of Jane Austen but not quite so well known as, say, Pride and Prejudice.”

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Juliet Stevenson Reads Austen…

The gals at Jane Austen Today provide an excellent feature on Emma 2‘s Juliet Stevenson, my favorite Mrs. Elton and the voice of several Austen audiobooks presented by Naxos.  Naturally, one of them is Emma!

Not as Clueless as we thought?

Or perhaps moreso. 😉

Reader Keith just passed along the following from Movieline:

As If?
EXCLUSIVE: Clueless Sequel? Silverstone’s Rep Says No, Heckerling’s Rep Says No Comment

Written by Kyle Buchanan | 28 Apr 2009, 1:30 PM

The seminal 90’s comedy Clueless has certainly spawned some spiritual sequels, but it’s never had an actual one — though that hasn’t stopped rumormongers and wishful thinkers from gossiping about the possibility from time to time. Lately, though, a weirdly specific Star story has spread like wildfire online, claiming that Alicia Silverstone and writer/director Amy Heckerling were spotted in Tarzana (the valley?!) discussing a new chapter in the life of Cher Horowitz. Movieline got in touch with reps for both parties to find out what’s up.

“I have heard nothing about this whatsoever,” said Silverstone’s publicist, Elizabeth Much. “I would certainly be very surprised if this rumor has any truth to it.” Much is an old hand at swatting down Clueless 2 talk — last time she was contacted, erroneous reports were saying that Silverstone had discussed the sequel on Graham Norton’s talk show.

Then, we got in touch with a rep for Heckerling, who was more mysterious: “Officially, no comment.” Does that mean Star had it right, or might Heckerling be looking to leverage this sequel buzz for a career jolt in the wake of her direct-to-DVD I Could Never Be Your Woman? Developing…at least, until we hear that a frantic Brittany Murphy is stalking the streets of Tarzana, desperate to escape the Lifetime movie ghetto.

Thanks, Keith!

Clueless Sequel?

Various sources have been buzzing about a possible Clueless sequel starring Alicia Silverstone, who would reprise her role as Cher Horowitz. According to NZCity, original Clueless director and writer Amy Heckerling has written the screenplay.

Alicia Silverstone’s Clueless sequel
Alicia Silverstone is in negotiations to star in a ‘Clueless’ sequel, 15 years after the original made her famous.

27 April 2009
Alicia Silverstone is to star in a ‘Clueless’ sequel.

The 32-year-old actress is reportedly in talks with Amy Heckerling, the director and writer of the film – which was based on classic English novelist Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ – that made her famous 15 years ago.

The pair were overheard discussing the new movie while shopping in Tarzana, California, earlier this week.

A source told gossip blogger Perez Hilton: “They were talking about the script they’re working on and how exciting this is for them. It’s been a dream of Alicia’s to bring Cher back to the big screen. Amy is writing it, but Alicia is giving her tons of ideas.”

Alicia hinted she was working on the sequel – reportedly titled ‘Clueless: High School Reunion’ – in an interview with Irish talk show host Graham Norton last November.

The film is rumoured to be going into production at the end of this month.

Alicia was just 18 years old when she shot to fame as Cher Horowitz, a ditzy rich teenager living in Beverly Hills.