My back yard is no longer a disaster!

Back yard pre-shed
Back yard, pre-shed.

This was the summer of yard work! Finally, over a year after moving in, I’ve gotten my yards to a decent place.

I laid pavers in the back yard, planted oleander along the fence, installed a shed, and replanted a few favorites.

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Springtime at home: Flowers and a new-old buffet

Succulents and Irises
Succulents and irises.

I have a summer of home improvement planned. I want to paint my bedroom, kitchen, and upstairs bathroom. I want to shop for more vintage furniture at Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento. I want to fix up my back yard.

If I’m lucky, I’ll complete one of these tasks. Yes, I’m that kind of person. However, I am proud to report that my mother and I successfully cleared and planted a flowerbed along my back patio. Baby. Steps.
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