Disney Bound? NerdBound!

Haunted Mansion Skirt

I don’t consider myself much of a “Disney bounder,” but I do love me some Disney theme park and I especially love 1. the Haunted Mansion attraction at both American Disney resorts and 2. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I plan to attend my second “MNSSHP” this coming September, and will be wearing NerdBound’s Haunted Mansion Ghost-ess skirt when I go!

NerdBound is a unique Etsy shop run by my friend Gretchen Burneko, offering “bounding” basics for any fandom in virtually all sizes. While Disney-inspired gathered skirts are Gretchen’s bread-and-butter, she can custom make just about anything in any size. Her prices are more than reasonable and her pieces are well-made, comfortable, and look great! My favorite piece is this Ghost-ess skirt, inspired by the dark green costumes worn by female Haunted Mansion cast member, but I own and love her Tarzan’s Jane Porter-inspired skirt, as well. Continue reading “Disney Bound? NerdBound!”

Spooky audio, video, and reads for your All Hallows’ Eve!

This is Haunted Halloween Collection CD art…

I know it’s still early September, but Halloween’s definitely already in the air. For those of you itching to get into the holiday spirit, here is a curated collection of audio (mostly music, with some sound effects) and video to enjoy while you stay home to serve the trick-or-treaters!

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The WPIX Yule Log and classic Christmas music

Merry Christmas!

I’m a Christmas nut. I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I freaking love everything about the season – the lights, the food, the festive mood, and maybe most of all, the amazing holiday music. My favorite Christmas tracks are nostalgic, particularly the ones from the 1950s through the early 1970s that remind me of my early childhood. This is why I love the original WPIX Yule Log, a Christmas Eve television tradition since 1966. Originally conceived by WPIX General Manager Fred Thrower to bring old-fashioned holiday hearth experiences to New Yorkers, the “classic” WPIX playlist – like the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom Main Street Christmas loops compiled by “voice of Disneyland” Jack Wagner – brings many of my absolute favorite Christmas recordings together in a single, quirky package.

Being a West Coaster and a child of the 1980s, my first TV Yule Log experience happened care of KOFY TV-20, the legendary independent station in the San Francisco Bay Area known for its crazy dog bumpers. I remember hours of Philadelphia Brass, but I’m fairly sure the playlist was similar to the following WPIX playlist, which features everyone from Percy Faith to David Rose:

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Music Collection: A Christmas Music Box is BACK!

A Christmas Music Box “cover” art.


StrangeBeat Productions presents “A CHRISTMAS MUSIC BOX,” yet another holiday tunes compilation just in time for Christmas! (originally released on December 1, 2010!)

NEW FOR 2011, We’ve compiled a full CD’s worth of NEW SELECTIONS for your Christmas listening, as well as a few minor touchups to some old favorites! Read on…

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Audio collections: This is Haunted Halloween is back with more!

“This is Haunted Halloween” collection CD art…

A festive two hour collection of holiday tunes, originally debuting on October 1, 2010! –

Disc One is packed with a selection of macabre party hits, from a new extended mix of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to Sheb Wooley’s campy “The Purple People Eater.” Disc Two follows with pieces reflecting the darker side of Halloween. Here, spooky film themes, ghoulish classical favorites, and other grisly tunes mix it up with creepy sound effects perfect for a stormy night.

Produced by Jason Pittman and Kali Pappas, this collection offers new presentations of old classics alongside several fun surprises. But beware — this is not your average Halloween mix tape. Listen and share! If you dare…


Enjoy 40+ minutes of freaky tunes and scary sounds. Comprised from a variety of sources, this mix is perfect for your Halloween party needs, or even just scaring the local trick-or-treaters!

Available for download NOW:

Audio files:

– 2011 “Skerrymix,” a longrunning single audio file filled with frightening ambiance and creepy musical sounds. A perfect haunt, trick or treat, or party loop! See if you can spot our favorite macabre influences from film, music, and more!

– Disc 1 – 17 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (128kbps LAME MP3)

– Disc 2 – 14 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (128kbps LAME MP3)

Expanded notes on the collection and the various tracks:

Liner Notes.pdf

– Liner Notes.rtf (text only)




A new (improved) Halloween music compilation and more…coming soon!

This is Haunted Halloween!

Hi everybody! Fans of our holiday audio compilations will be happy to learn that we’re reformulating our Halloween music collection for 2011. Jason and I can’t give you any details yet, but it’ll be unique and lots of fun!

I’m also brewing a new design for this blog and Strangegirl.com as a whole, in addition to some new fashion-related posts. Yay!

More music stuffs from Jason and/or Kali:

Disney Theme Park Audio: Adventureland Veranda Loop Take 2!

So the talented and dedicated Michael Sweeney  just notified me that he was able to finish reconstructing the late 1970s-1993 Walt Disney World Adventureland Veranda area loop!  You may remember that two years ago I purchased and ripped  a copy of George Bruns’ Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii album, the source of several of those generation 2 Veranda loop tracks (I’ll just call it version 2/generation 2, because we’re only aware of one other area loop presumably used for this restaurant area, complied in the early 1970s by Jack Wagner, voice of Disneyland/WDW and curator of the Main Street Christmas area loop).

Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii – Front

Anyway, Michael obtained a live recording of this later Adventureland Veranda loop from Mike Lee of Widen Your World and went to town.  Find the updated Adventureland Veranda tracklist here:

  1. Ua Haav Arve Are – South Sea Serenaders, Beachcomber Serenade: Mood Music of Tahiti and Hawaii
  2. Blue Hawaii – George Bruns, Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii
  3. Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii – George Bruns, Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii
  4. Now is the Hour – Arthur Lyman, Pearly Shells
  5. Harbor Lights – Duke Kamoku & His Islanders, Golden Hawaiian Hits
  6. Song of the Islands – Duke Kamoku & His Islanders, Golden Hawaiian Hits
  7. Moon of Manakoora – Duke Kamoku & His Islanders, Golden Hawaiian Hits
  8. Lovely Hula Girl – Duke Kamoku & His Islanders, Golden Hawaiian Hits
  9. Hawaiian Paradise – George Bruns, Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii
  10. Moonlight and Shadows – George Bruns, Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii
  11. Whispering Sea – Henry Mancini, The Versatile Henry Mancini

Groovy Adventureland Veranda area loop links:


Music Collection: A Christmas Music Box

StrangeBeat Productions presents yet another holiday tunes compilation, just in time for Christmas!

A Christmas Music Box “cover” art.

VOLUME 1: From Mannheim Steamroller to Elvis himselvis, these FOUR DISCS of Christmas tunes provide plenty of variety for your holiday parties, gatherings, and personal time.

JASON SEZ – For those of you who have “acquired” Christmas music from me in the past, much of this material will be familiar. Approximately 20 minutes of music have been added to round out these four volumes to full CD length, and the mp3s have been carefully retagged (and in some cases re-ripped) to match the quality of the next set we have for you!

Disc 1 – 22 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 2 – 23 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 3 – 24 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 4 – 22 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

VOLUME 2: Enjoy the many moods of the holidays with selections ranging from traditional instrumentals to jazz and rock ‘n’ roll. We’re giving you a whopping THREE DISCS worth of our favorite Christmas tracks PLUS the following:

KALI SEZ – Here’s a bonus collection of vintage holiday recordings, as selected in 1970 by Jack “The Voice of Disneyland” Wagner for the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom “Main Street U.S.A.” Christmas music loops. These tracks can be randomized or played in order as they appear in situ at the parks!

Disc 1 – 28 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 2 – 27 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 3 – 25 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (various bitrates)

Disc 4 – 30 .mp3 files, tagged and labeled. (128kbps)

  • Compilation produced by KALI PAPPAS and JASON PITTMAN
  • Art Direction by KALI PAPPAS
  • Engineering by JASON PITTMAN
  • Liner Notes by JASON PITTMAN and KALI PAPPAS

Available for download NOW!