Link: Pinup Girl Style

There’s a new online community for fans of Pinup Couture, Deadly Dames, and Pinup Girl Clothing‘s other wonderful house brands! At Pinup Girl Style, members can share photos of themselves in PUG clothing, participate in discussions, read blogs by members of Team PUG and their guests, and swap or sell their PUG goods. Check it out!

Hell Bunny of the Day + New Deadly Dames

Hell Bunny Tigerlili Dress and Trashy Diva anchor Necklace
Hell Bunny Tigerlili Dress and Trashy Diva anchor Necklace.

Here are a couple of odds and ends I thought might be of interest!

For the last few months I’ve wanted to try a non-halter Hell Bunny style, like the red gingham Chantal Dress linked here. When the Chantal sold out in my size at JBR Clothing, I steeled myself to look into other fabric options in the same cut. Luckily, my friend Jessica discovered that the minty green Tigerlili Dress from Hell Bunny was a completely different shade than the “conversation heart” hue of the Olivie Dress, which I already own. So, I decided to give it a try! Continue reading “Hell Bunny of the Day + New Deadly Dames”

Pinup Persuasion: The Online World of Pinup Shopping

Fellow Pinup Girl Clothing fan Jessica M. has launched a really useful blog dedicated to informing midcentury-retro shoppers about their options – Pinup Persuasion! She reviews pinup products and retailers of all stripes, everything from shapewear to kitchenware!

Her latest review features Pinup Girl Clothing, and includes a great video testimonial that she prepared last summer for PUG (as it’s affectionately called) to use at an upcoming trade show. I did a testimonial, too, but I’m way too shy to share it here!

Excellent work, Jess! I’m looking forward to your posts.