Sonam Kapoor’s Ayesha still in post-production

No new news is forthcoming on the “Bollywood” Emma-based film adaptation.  There’s a listing for the film at the IMDB (as “Aisha”), though, noting its “post-production” status.  As I hear more, I’ll post it!

ETA:  Cinthia found this 4/9 India Express interview with director Rajshree Ojha, confirming the film’s post-production status.  In the interview, Ojha explains that her “first director’s cut” of the film is done and that “it lies in the producers’ hands.”

Cinthia comments:

It is surprising to know that the project began in 2004, but she and
the scriptwright could not find a back-up production company because
it had female-centered plot.

At the end of the interview there some interesting details. For example:

“There are places where I’ve curtailed the role of certain characters,
like that of Emma’s friend Harriet Smith, or combined two characters
into one, like the Woodhouse sisters.”

I find it intriguing, what does she mean by ‘curtailed’? Does it mean
that the Harriet character has been completely deleted or her role’s
importance has been diminished? And what about the Woodhouse sisters
being combined in only one character? I hope it is a confusion and she
meant Mrs. Weston and Isabella.

Ayesha interview with Sonam Kapoor

Here’s a Sonam Kapoor interview from about Ayesha.  Nothing earthshattering or new, but Kapoor does claim that the film will be “India’s first chick-flick.”

Also, a fun announcement from Laurel Ann at Austenprose is forthcoming.  😀

More Emma 4/Ayesha…

The San Francisco Chronicle reviews Emma 4

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ETA:  Yet another piece on Sonam, this time from The Hindu.

AETA:  Sonam Kapoor to Set Memorable Examples! from

Emma 4 begins next week!

Here’s some random coverage:

Also, a short blurb about the music and choreography in Ayesha:

Choreographer Terrence Lewis says, “I had a great time working on songs of Ayesha and the opening song ‘Girl Power’ showcases three girls having good time. Sonam along with her friend (Ira Dubey) grooms their small town friend (Amrita Puri) to match up the standards of big city.

How was it to choreograph Sonam and her girls gang? “Not just in the song but in real too it was all girl gang around while shooting. I was surrounded by pretty women, as apart from Sonam, Ira and Amrita, the seat of the director was also donned by a beautiful lady Rajshree Ojha who is making her debut with this film. As far as the song is concerned the mood is very light and cool as it’s a situational song so the dance is that of freestyle.”

And, a piece about Olivia Williams, Emma 3’s Jane Fairfax.

Ayesha to be released “soon”… reports:

Sonam Kapoor is "Ayesha"...
Sonam Kapoor is "Ayesha"...

Aisha, the latest movie of actress Sonam Kapoor is based on Emma penned by Jane Austen. Paired opposite Sonam in the flick is actor Abhay Deol.Just recently the film was in news for a fire accident that took place on its sets. Thankfully there were no casualties.The production of the film is being carried out under Anil Kapoor’s banner and his other daughter, Rhea too is involved with the project.

The release date of the film is yet to be declared.

Emma Odds ‘n’ Ends and Happy Christmas and Stuff…

So another old edition of Emma wuz auctioned today.

Also, IndiaTimes presents a short article about Ayesha star Sonam Kapoor, who discusses her work on the film, endorsements, and future projects.  According to the piece, Ayesha will drop in April, 2010.

Also, happy holidays.  My little tree and I salute you…

Photo on 2009-12-04 at 10.57
Merry Christmas, Fools and Foolinas!

More from the set of Ayesha… reports that Ayesha is forty percent shot:

“New Delhi, Oct 22 (IANS) Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, who was in the capital for over a month to shoot for her upcoming venture ‘Ayesha’, says the film is 40 percent complete.

‘We are done with 40 percent of the shooting for ‘Ayesha’ and now we will resume the rest in Mumbai,’ Sonam told IANS here.

‘Ayesha’ has been shot across the capital as well as in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Made under the banner of her father actor-producer Anil Kapoor, the movie is being produced by her sister Rhea.

Also starring Abhay Deol in the lead, ‘Ayesha’ is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel ‘Emma’ and is about the perils of misconstrued romance.”

Here’s an interesting interview with one of the stars of Ayesha, Abhay Deol (“Mr. Knightley”):  “Call me casual”

“Abhay’s been shooting for Aisha – the film based on Jane Austen’s Emma in which he’s cast opposite Sonam Kapoor – in Delhi too. Is this his attempt to do offbeat stuff? “I don’t see my work as offbeat. It’s something I like to do and am comfortable with,” he said. But he does do offbeat stuff – like going off to the US for a welding course just after the success of Dev. D? “I did, and I also think it’s logical for me to take a break if I’ve shot three films back-to-back,” he answered.”

Emma first editions and Ayesha costume notes…

Deb’s Bygone Books Blog reports on two first editions of Emma at auction.  One is being presented by Swann Auction Galleries of New York, which included the following blurb with the lot’s online listing:

“First english edition. Austen had a falling out with her first publisher Egerton over publication of Mansfield Park and transferred to John Murray, who published the second edition of that title and the first edition of Emma on the same terms: each was published at the author’s expense, with profits to the author after payment of a 10% commission to the publisher. In keeping with Murray’s stated views on edition sizes, 2000 copies were printed. Emma is also the only one of Jane Austen’s novels to bear a dedication (to the Prince Regent). –Gilson A8.”

Also, a short article on Sonam Kapoor’s Ayesha wardrobe, from the Times of India:

“Sonam’s clothes for the movie have been designed by fashion designer Rehane. Though Rehane is not Delhi-based, she’s participated in fashion weeks in Delhi, and has also designed the clothes for Sonam in the movie. “I have actually done the western look for her. I was supposed to do the Indian look as well, but couldn’t because of my commitment to the fashion weeks that are to follow,” says the Chennai-based designer.”

I guess this means that Mona May isn’t working on the film after all?  Or perhaps she’s working on special pieces, as Rehane is only doing the “western” portion of Sonam’s wardrobe.