Tiki, vintage Shaheen, and pinup with Holly West

So I have fun tiki-themed pinup photos by Holly West Photography to share, this time from Skipper World Headquarters.

The Skippers have added a beautiful tiki lounge to their home, complete with huts, outrigger canoes, a bar, and a swanky seating area. It went perfectly with my vintage Alfred Shaheen bombax print dress, bakelite tribal necklace, and Dixiefried leopard-print Glamor swimsuit. The lovely and talented Rockwell DeVil did my makeup and hair.

Kali in Shaheen, with parasol. This sounds like one of those super-literal impressionist painting titles.

More photos after the jump!

Kali in Shaheen, with a tiki.
Kali in Shaheen, with a tiki.
Kali as Jungle Bettie. The swimsuit is the Glamor suit by Dixiefried, in leopard print.
Bettie Page by Bunny Yeager – their famous Boca Raton “jungle” shoot. This is kinda what we were going for. I’m no Bettie, but I do a mean Hamlet with a skull on a spear.
Kali as Jungle Bettie.

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