New Year’s Eve: Vintage Frank Starr gown

Happy new year! I always overdress for the holidays, and last night was no exception. I wore a beautiful lipstick-red vintage silk gown from the 1950s. It’s got a Frank Starr label and was apparently made to measure in a Washington, DC, dress shop.

Frank Starr vintage gown.

I accessorized the dress with vintage paste jewelry, my silver Remix Ritz heels, a Deadly Dames satin bolero, and a vintage beaded clutch from Saks Fifth Avenue that matched the red of my gown PERFECTLY. This is my favorite outfit in a long time, if not ever!

Vintage Frank Starr gown.

Red and orange beaded purse from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and that your 2015 is fabulous!

Hair and makeup: already suffering! Hah!

My big Christmas tree.

Vintage aluminum Christmas tree.

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    • TY Christina! Love your posts and great outfits too, as always. RequestPolicy/NoScript makes it so I can’t use WP to post to your site, but you should know I am still looking. 😀

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