Makeup on Monday: Blush by NARS and BeneFit

I’m seriously not one of those people who has five bazillion blushes in my Mary Poppins Makeup Bag. I use a grand total of two on a regular basis, one of which is a very common staple product  (NARS blush in Orgasm) and one of which most people probably use for contouring (BeneFit’s Dallas powder).

NARS blush in Orgasm

The NARS Orgasm is an obvious choice because it’s a pretty, neutral peachy-pink that looks good on everyone. It’s natural and delicate.

Dallas pressed powder by BeneFit

Dallas, like many of the BeneFit pressed powders, defies categorization. It’s too rosy to be a proper bronzer, it’s a little dark to be a crowd-favorite blush, and it’s got too much color to be your average foundation-setting pressed powder.

Dallas is probably too plummy for most to use as an everyday blush, but those with cooler complexions can use it sparingly to good effect. I’m a very pale person, but my olive-neutral coloring – especially in summer, when ambient sun darkens me up a bit – works well with Dallas’ stronger tone.

Here’s how both look on me. I’m wearing primer, foundation, translucent pressed powder, and blush only. NARS on your left, BeneFit on your right:

NARS on your left, BeneFit on your right
NARS on your left, BeneFit on your right

Not that much difference, is there? Having the right skin tone helps. So does not grinding the stuff on, as I used only a small dusting of Dallas.

Both blushes are widely available at places like Sephora. Dallas runs about $28 and NARS blush runs about $30.

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