Outfit of the Day: More vintage Alfred Shaheen

I love kitschy, tiki things and my favorite fashions are mid century designs inspired by Polynesian and Asian art. After falling in love with a pretty blue Alfred Shaheen last year, I recently obtained another, very different Shaheen style this month!

Vintage Alfred Shaheen Dress.

This one’s a strapless mid-1950s dress with a pleated shelf bust and full skirt. I’m not usually a fan of brown, but the fabric on this one is gorgeous! It’s a rich, cool brown Polynesian texture with gorgeous, creamy white blossoms. The pleated upper bodice is a nice, sharp white that contrasts nicely with the brown texture of the main dress.

Vintage Alfred Shaheen Dress.

I’m wearing this with a white Malco Modes 591 tea-length crinoline petticoat. Under the bodice is the Goddess GD689 strapless, a great 1950s-style longline bullet bra. Makes me feel like Barbie!

Stay tuned for pictures of a gorgeous vintage halterneck Kamehameha swing dress I bought recently!

Vintage Alfred Shaheen Dress.

Edited on 1/20/2014 to add:

Here are my pics of the inner bodices of both Shaheens! The blue has a white 1960s Shaheen label and the brown has a…brown 1950s Shaheen label. ;D

Blue Shaheen Inside.
Brown Shaheen inside.
Alfred Shaheen label, doubled.
Alfred Shaheen label.

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    1. Sure! I’ll add them to the blog post. This dress has the brown 1950s Shaheen label and the blue has the white 1960s label. There is a bit of boning in the “bullets” of the white part of the bodice on the brown dress. 🙂

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