Summer Preview: Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki Dress

Malibu Tiki Dress.

As the weather heats up, so do the summer shindigs. If you’re looking for something cute and festive, Pinup Girl Clothing’s Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki Dress in blue and red is just the ticket! The adjustable straps, structured bodice, sarong-style side tie, jaunty bolero, and vintage Hawaiian floral print give this dress set the style and class of a mid century Alfred Shaheen design. It’s truly worthy of any hukilau, luau, or other tiki-tastic event!

Mine’s an XL, which works for my 42-32-48″ figure. Bear in mind, however, that this one runs small in the waist and bust. The upside to this situation is that you probably won’t need to wear a bra. The downside is that the waist runs so small that many customers will need to size up. For example, my XL flat measures 31″ at the waist, a full two to three inches smaller than the size chart indicates for that size. There’s a bit of give in the cotton sateen fabric, but it isn’t stretchy. If you’re on the upper edge of the size range, you should probably order up.

Malibu Tiki Dress.

On the flip side, the semi-wrap skirt design means there’s a little extra room in the hip.

If navy blue and burgundy-red isn’t your thing, the dress is available in a green and purple version of the same print, also at Pinup Girl Clothing.

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