Haunted Mansion What?

Kali and friends at the Mansion's 30th anniversary festivities, 1999.

So I’ve been woefully out of touch with the Haunted Mansion scene lately, partly because I don’t have time and partly because I’m sick to death of the merch-o-rama effect that surrounds every attraction milestone.  I didn’t attend the 40th anniversary festivities that coincided with the D23 Expo back in September, but I did find this cute interactive Haunted Mansion feature at the Disney site.  It features a version of Rolly Crump’s Corridor of Doors wallpaper (for your desktop – basically a larger version of what I offer at Better Haunts & Graveyards), a video clip on the mansion, a stretching portrait gag, little photo galleries, and more.  Oh, and it also features my Disney alterego,  Marc Davis’ April D., morphing from April to June to September to December.  🙂

Go there…

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